BY ANGELA LUVERA High school students walked out of class and took to the streets on October 18 to voice their opposition to war and racism in a national day of anti-war action initiated by the socialist youth organisation Resistance. The walkout
While it's in the midst of what it calls a "war against terrorism", the United States has sought to frustrate international attempts to crack down on international terrorism. There are 12 existing United Nations conventions on international
Peace vigil gathers support MELBOURNE — Peace activists have set up a permanent vigil on the lawns outside the State Library, in the heart of the central business district, to provide a continuous forum for the growing opposition to the
Socialist Alliance notes Batman campaign launched MELBOURNE - Sixty people crowded into the local Jika Jika community centre in Northcote to launch the Socialist Alliance campaign for the federal seat of Batman on October 13. The candidate in the
BY KAMALA EMANUEL& ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — About 250 people attended an October 20 rally to protest the US-led war against Afghanistan and Australia's involvement in the war. That same day the Hobart Mercury editorialised against police
BY ALLEN JENNINGS MELBOURNE — Latin American solidarity activists have agreed to establish a Colombian Solidarity Collective after hearing first-hand tales about the impact of the US-imposed Plan Colombia by two visiting human rights advocates.
BY SUE BOLTON If you thought that the federal Coalition government's royal commission into the building industry is meant to investigate corruption, you're wrong. The terms of reference of the royal commission, and federal minister for workplace
BY JO ELLIS CAIRUHI, East Timor — Australian solidarity activists have spent nearly two weeks here helping East Timorese counterparts begin an ambitious educational program which will involve local people in discussions about socialism and
BY RUSSELL PICKERING SYDNEY — The jaws of Newtown's Friday night dinner crowd dropped on October 19 as a noisy 200-strong community march blocked heavy city traffic as it proceeded up and then down King Street. Organised by the Grayndler branch
BY EVA CHENG Despite George Bush beating his war drum loudly all the way to the October 17-21 annual summit of the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Shanghai, the US president has failed to obtain the kind of hearty support that
BY NORMAN SOLOMON The Pentagon's air drops of food parcels and President Bush's plea for American children to aid Afghan kids with dollar bills will go down in history as two of the most cynical manoeuvres of media manipulation in the early 21st
Prisoners are human beings, too The average prisoner must deal with an atmosphere of unbridled violence so pervasive in US prisons that s/he must be prepared to physically defend his/her very life every moment — not just from assaults from
BY NORM DIXON "I don't know whether they are going to eliminate the terrorists or create them. We are not terrorists, they [are] forcing us to become terrorists", said Kabul resident Mohammed Nabi, referring to Washington's nightly bombing of his
BY SARAH PEART Solidarity with the Third World has been at the heart of the mass anti-corporate protests, from Seattle and Melbourne to Genoa. The daily lives of the majority of people on this planet consist of fear, absolute poverty and misery.
BY GARY MEYERHOFF DARWIN — Mandatory sentencing has been a hot topic in the Northern Territory since it was implemented by the Country Liberal Party government four years ago. The new Labor government, elected in August, repealed the legislation
BY KERRYN WILLIAMS CANBERRA — "It's the function of groups like the Socialist Alliance ... to remind us of what is needed for courage and intelligence in political life. Not to run with the pack, but to ask the questions about where the world is


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