BY DANIEL JARDINE SYDNEY — Eighty people turned up to the Gaelic Club on October 19 for a Politics in the Pub discussion on the November 10 election. Greens senate candidate John Key told the meeting that the Greens face particular problems in
BY SEAN HEALY Among all the words the United States government has used to describe the September 11 terrorist attacks — "atrocity", "outrage", "act of evil" — one phrase has been conspicuously missing: "crime against humanity". It's an odd
BY NORMAN SOLOMON The Pentagon's air drops of food parcels and President Bush's plea for American children to aid Afghan kids with dollar bills will go down in history as two of the most cynical manoeuvres of media manipulation in the early 21st
BY EVA CHENG Despite George Bush beating his war drum loudly all the way to the October 17-21 annual summit of the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Shanghai, the US president has failed to obtain the kind of hearty support that
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Bollocks To speak frankly, I think Linda Waldron's article criticising Billy Bragg's political standing (GLW #467) was an absolute load of bollocks. Having enjoyed Bragg's performance and commentary at the Livid Festival in Brisbane, I have a
BY NORM DIXON While mainstream media reports from Pakistan have concentrated on demonstrations by Islamic fundamentalists, the country's left and democratic movements are also mobilising against the war. On October 15, police in the Punjabi city
BY SARAH PEART Solidarity with the Third World has been at the heart of the mass anti-corporate protests, from Seattle and Melbourne to Genoa. The daily lives of the majority of people on this planet consist of fear, absolute poverty and misery.
BY NORM DIXON "I don't know whether they are going to eliminate the terrorists or create them. We are not terrorists, they [are] forcing us to become terrorists", said Kabul resident Mohammed Nabi, referring to Washington's nightly bombing of his
BY PAUL D'AMATO CHICAGO — Many liberals who may have voiced criticism of US foreign policy in the past have enthusiastically signed on to Washington's war in Afghanistan. The Nation magazine recently came out in favour of "an all-out but
BY LINDA A. MALONE The concept of universal jurisdiction in international law is undergoing a historic test in Belgium. On November 28, a Belgian court will decide whether Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon can be tried for his alleged role in the
SAN FRANCISCO — A new stage of world politics began October 7 with the US bombing of Afghanistan. President George Bush's war on terrorism will not be limited to Afghanistan but will be a permanent war to eradicate all individuals, groups and
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