BY NICOLE COLSON CHICAGO — George Bush says that he wants to bomb Afghanistan in the name of "freedom and democracy". His father said the same thing when he went to war against Iraq in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. But at every step of the way —
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — John Howard may have committed 1550 Australian troops to support George Bush's "war against terrorism" on October 17, but, according to Ali Kazak, head of the Palestinian delegation to Australia, "The Australian
BY SUE JOHNSON George Bush and Tony Blair's war on terrorism is totally hypocritical. The Bush administration is quite happy to throw more than US$40 billion at the war effort, meanwhile back in the US, 44 million people live below the poverty
Museworthy: The Law of Violent Hands a torture chamber in my handa history of attempts the hand with a proper namea form of private sovereignty a hand coldly silver or dryly woodhustler aligning the world with horror the hand writing
BY SEAN HEALY Among all the words the United States government has used to describe the September 11 terrorist attacks — "atrocity", "outrage", "act of evil" — one phrase has been conspicuously missing: "crime against humanity". It's an odd
The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World OrderBy Samuel P. HuntingtonTouchstone Books 1998367 pages $18.65 (pb) REVIEW BY EDWARD SAID Samuel Huntington's article "The Clash of Civilizations?" appeared in the Summer 1993 issue of
Bollocks To speak frankly, I think Linda Waldron's article criticising Billy Bragg's political standing (GLW #467) was an absolute load of bollocks. Having enjoyed Bragg's performance and commentary at the Livid Festival in Brisbane, I have a
@box text intr = The October 16 announcement that more than 1500 Australian military personnel will be actively involved in the war on Afghanistan should horrify all Australians. For years, both the major parties have defended increasing
BY NORM DIXON While mainstream media reports from Pakistan have concentrated on demonstrations by Islamic fundamentalists, the country's left and democratic movements are also mobilising against the war. On October 15, police in the Punjabi city
BY JOHN PILGER LONDON — The Anglo-American attack on Afghanistan crosses new boundaries. It means that America's economic wars are now backed by the perpetual threat of military attack on any country, without legal pretence. It is also the first
BY LINDA A. MALONE The concept of universal jurisdiction in international law is undergoing a historic test in Belgium. On November 28, a Belgian court will decide whether Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon can be tried for his alleged role in the
BY MELANIE EVANS Under Attack, Fighting Back: Women And Welfare in the United StatesBy Mimi AbramovitzMonthly Review PressUS$15 The words, "Welfare is like a traffic accident. It can happen to anybody", were uttered by Johnnie Tilman, an
SAN FRANCISCO — A new stage of world politics began October 7 with the US bombing of Afghanistan. President George Bush's war on terrorism will not be limited to Afghanistan but will be a permanent war to eradicate all individuals, groups and
John Howard's One Nation Party "A lot of people are actually saying that I'm John Howard's adviser because he's picking up a lot of the policies and issues that I have raised and spoken about over the years". — Pauline Hanson, October 14.
BY EDWARD HERMAN During the Cold War the United States supported a string of terror states, from the immediate post-World War II backing given Thailand dictator Phibun Songkhram, "the first pro-Axis dictator to regain power after the war", to its
BY SEAN HEALY SYDNEY — Metalworkers from around the world will march through Sydney's central business district on November 13 to "stop corporate globalisation", in one of the first such demonstrations by unionists in Australia. One thousand


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