Prisoners are human beings, too The average prisoner must deal with an atmosphere of unbridled violence so pervasive in US prisons that s/he must be prepared to physically defend his/her very life every moment — not just from assaults from
Adelaide: Students Together Opposing War And Racism (STOPWAR) meets every Wednesday, 4pm, Level 5, Union Building, Adelaide Uni. Phone (08) 8231 6982 for more information. Brisbane: Highschoolers Agitating to End War and Racism (HATEWAR) meets
BY PIP HINMAN As the bombing of Afghanistan continues and ground troops move in, many more are increasingly horrified at Bush and Howard's so-called "war on terrorism". Why is Australia going to war against one of the poorest countries in the
BY JOHN PILGER LONDON — The Anglo-American attack on Afghanistan crosses new boundaries. It means that America's economic wars are now backed by the perpetual threat of military attack on any country, without legal pretence. It is also the first
@box text intr = The October 16 announcement that more than 1500 Australian military personnel will be actively involved in the war on Afghanistan should horrify all Australians. For years, both the major parties have defended increasing
BY GARY MEYERHOFF DARWIN — Mandatory sentencing has been a hot topic in the Northern Territory since it was implemented by the Country Liberal Party government four years ago. The new Labor government, elected in August, repealed the legislation
Anti-war rallies Adelaide: NOWAR rally. Sun Nov 4, 2pm. Gather Victoria Sq., city. Ph Kathy 8212 6706, Irene & Ron 8332 3461. Brisbane: Anti-war & refugee rights rally. Sun Nov 4, 3pm. King George Sq., city. Ph 0409 877 528. Canberra: Anti-war
Coalition Heavily regulate migration, with a strong emphasis on money and skills. Wind back allocation for family reunion and humanitarian entrants. Maintain a cap on overall migration, with the effect of around 1% overall population increase
John Howard's One Nation Party "A lot of people are actually saying that I'm John Howard's adviser because he's picking up a lot of the policies and issues that I have raised and spoken about over the years". — Pauline Hanson, October 14.
BY MELANIE EVANS Under Attack, Fighting Back: Women And Welfare in the United StatesBy Mimi AbramovitzMonthly Review PressUS$15 The words, "Welfare is like a traffic accident. It can happen to anybody", were uttered by Johnnie Tilman, an
REVIEW BY KOFI ANYIDOHO Ama: A Story of the Atlantic Slave TradeBy Manu Herbsteine-Reads450 pages, US$19.95To order visit <http://www.ama.africatoday.com/order_ama.htm> This is the story of Nandzi, renamed Ama, renamed Pamela, cruelly
While it's in the midst of what it calls a "war against terrorism", the United States has sought to frustrate international attempts to crack down on international terrorism. There are 12 existing United Nations conventions on international