BY ANNE O'CASEY MELBOURNE — Civil libertarians and activist groups are gearing up for a campaign to defeat the Victorian Labor government's plans to introduce new legislation giving police wide-ranging powers to violently disperse political
@box text intr = February 18: The London Socialist Alliance picketed the House of Commons in protest against the sanctions imposed on Iraq. March 29: Socialist Alliance members joined members of the Chinese community to rally against Blair's
BY REBECCA MECKELBURG ADELAIDE — "The debate about globalisation is about moving from 'policy' to protest — not protest to policy", said M1 and Socialist Alliance activist Leslie Richmond, at a Politics in the Pub forum on July 26. The forum,
BY SHARYN JENKINS Twenty-seven years ago, US anti-nuclear activist Karen Silkwood was killed in a car crash many suspect was deliberately caused by the Kerr McGee nuclear company. Karen Silkwood will be remembered as someone who fought an uphill
Due to a sub-editing error, the article "Socialist Alliance plans campaigns" (GLW #457) stated that mass leafleting of Workers Compensation information occurred on July 18. This took place on July 25. Socialist Alliance members decided on July 19 to
BY SARAH CLEARY HOBART — General staff at the University of Tasmania voted to accept a 12.54 percent pay rise over the next three years after rejecting an 8% rise in a non-union staff ballot in March. Casual staff will be worse off under the
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS & DANNY FAIRFAX GENOA — It was like a rumbling thunder: chanting "Assassini" and "Genoa Li-be-ra", hundreds of thousands marched through the streets here on July 21 in an historic expression of people's power against
BY SARAH STEPHEN During the past two weeks, refugee rights activists have been followed by undercover police. NSW police have been issued with photos of 46 men "on the run". Highways, ports and airports have been put on alert and 35 immigration
BY LAUREN CARROLL-HARRIS SYDNEY — Forty activists protesting the police murder of 23-year-old Genoa protester Carlo Giuliani were met with large black steel barricades and dozens of police and security guards when they descended on the Italian
BY TIM GOODEN The federal government's July 25 announcement of a royal commission into the construction industry is a clear attempt to weaken organised labour and attack workers' rights in an area long a bastion of militant unionism. The
BY ALISON DELLIT "We started election campaigning in a handful of seats, now we're moving towards 100 local branches throughout England and Wales", Marcus Larsen, the chairperson of the London Socialist Alliance told Green Left Weekly. In the
BY CHRISTOPHER PERKINS WOLLONGONG — Illawarra TAFE institute management has upped the ante in its attempt to halt its library staff's stubborn fight against job cuts by threatening to dock the pay of union members who refuse to work evening
Dismal science "My theory is that the nakedness of a woman is related to the performance of an economy. When an economy becomes more developed, women seem to wear less." — unnamed economist quoted in Beijing Evening News. They're only
BY ALISON DELLIT Since April, the north of England has been racked by street violence as Asian youths confront racist gangs in a desperate attempt to defend the safety of their communities. The riots have centered on the north-western towns of
BY LEV LAFAYETTE & ANTHONY LEONG The crucial political question facing any inquiry into the erotica industry under capitalism is whether one places economic class or biological sex as the principal unit of analysis. The article in Green Left
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — The coalition which organised the May 1 blockade of the stock exchange has changed its name and its focus. Twenty members of the group, meeting on July 26, decided it was to time to change its name from M1 Sydney to


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