BY ANNE O'CASEY MELBOURNE — Civil libertarians and activist groups are gearing up for a campaign to defeat the Victorian Labor government's plans to introduce new legislation giving police wide-ranging powers to violently disperse political
Nestles continue lock-out MELBOURNE — Multinational Nestles has continued it's lockout of 100 food process and maintenance workers at Echuca into the seventh week. The lockout is the result of an enterprise bargaining negotiation in which Nestles
BY DAVID BACON CHARLESTON — This September, five dockworkers will go on trial in South Carolina. Elijah Ford Jr., Ricky Simmons, Peter Washington, Jason Edgerton and Kenneth Jefferson face felony riot charges, arising from a confrontation on the
BY ANGELA LUVERA & JON LAND As political repression has increased in Indonesia, Aceh and West Papua, pro-democracy activists in Australia have organised a series of solidarity actions. These protests have condemned the increase in repression by the
BY SARAH CLEARY HOBART — General staff at the University of Tasmania voted to accept a 12.54 percent pay rise over the next three years after rejecting an 8% rise in a non-union staff ballot in March. Casual staff will be worse off under the
BY SHARYN JENKINS Twenty-seven years ago, US anti-nuclear activist Karen Silkwood was killed in a car crash many suspect was deliberately caused by the Kerr McGee nuclear company. Karen Silkwood will be remembered as someone who fought an uphill
Fabrication Joyce Wu ("Labor Left in bed with the sex industry", GLW #456) states: "Lafayette claimed that feminism is merely a 'sectional' interest, rather than a 'universal concern'". This statement is a fabrication and its continued
BY LISA MACDONALD On August 6, the United States' brutal sanctions on Iraq will have been in place for 11 years. The Socialist Alliance, along with the Worker Communist Parties of Iraq and Iran, and the Committee to Defend Iraqi Women's Rights, has
BY SEAN MARTIN-IVERSON Michael Arnold (GLW #455) makes a very good case for drug legalisation as an alternative to "law and order" or "harm minimisation" strategies. Sadly, many people in the campaign for drug law reform have been pursuing
BY LAUREN CARROLL-HARRIS SYDNEY — Forty activists protesting the police murder of 23-year-old Genoa protester Carlo Giuliani were met with large black steel barricades and dozens of police and security guards when they descended on the Italian
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS & DANNY FAIRFAX GENOA — It was like a rumbling thunder: chanting "Assassini" and "Genoa Li-be-ra", hundreds of thousands marched through the streets here on July 21 in an historic expression of people's power against
Marxism versus AnarchismBy Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Leon Trotsky, John G. Wright and V.I. LeninResistance Books, 2001237 pages, $19.95 REVIEW BY KEARA COURTNEY The series of actions against corporate globalisation, from Seattle in 1999 and