BY TAMARA PEARSON Los Angeles, 1950: A pre-war light-rail system, one of the most extensive in the world, was dismembered by car, tyre and bus manufacturers and an oil company. Tracks were ripped from their routes, stations were torn down and row
BY SARAH STEPHEN SYDNEY — In the early hours of July 19, 23 men lifted the floorboards of a demountable building used as a mosque in the grounds of the Villawood immigration detention centre, and crawled through the drainage system to freedom.
BY CHRISTOPHER PERKINS WOLLONGONG — Staff in the Illawarra's 13 TAFE libraries, incensed at threatened job cuts and casualisation, have launched an industrial and community campaign to save the public education service they proudly deliver. The
By Raul Cienfuegos The latest phase of US military intervention in Colombia — the US$7.5 billion Plan Colombia — under the thin veil of the "war on drugs" has completed over a year of operations. The US is now topping up their $1.3 billion
["From the multitudes of Europe, rising up against the Empire and marching on Genoa", a statement released by the Italian White Overalls, the Tute Bianche, an autonomist movement involved in organising the protests in Genoa.] We are new, and yet we
Due to a sub-editing mistake, an error appeared in Joyce Wu's article, "Labor left in bed with the sex industry" (GLW #456). The sentence, "In response, Lafayette ... argued that he did not see how the political and economic rights of women are
BY KYLIE MOON MELBOURNE — It was standing room only when Naomi Klein came to town on July 16, packing out both the Atheneum Theatre and the Trades Hall Council auditorium. Hundreds crammed in to hear the Canadian activist and author speak about
BY NOREEN NAVIN SYDNEY — On July 7, delegates attending the NSW Teachers Federation's annual conference toured the most elite private schools in Sydney's eastern suburbs. The tour exposed the extent of federal and state government subsidisation
BY SEAN HEALY Fearful that their hopes for a new round of global "free trade" talks will turn to dust, rich country governments have scheduled an emergency summit for the end of August to discuss the future of the World Trade Organisation. The
BY JULIA HALDANE The murder of a security guard at a Melbourne abortion clinic has prompted right-to-choose campaigners to step up pressure on state governments to scrap anti-abortion laws. In Queensland, feminist groups, including the Brisbane


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