BY DALE MCKINLEY HARARE — Zimbabwe's worsening political and economic crisis is doing more than any Marxist text could ever do to turn ordinary Zimbabweans into potential revolutionaries. A majority of politicians and "experts" (both in
BY ALISON DELLIT "Why must anyone endure hunger, unemployment, early death from preventable diseases, ignorance, the lack of culture and all sorts of human and social afflictions for exclusively commercial reasons and profits?" — Fidel Castro.
BY BRONWEN BEECHEY ADELAIDE — Under the banner of "Save our state!" more than 5000 people marched through the city on July 14, demanding that Adelaide's live music venues be protected from inner-city residential development. The rally demanded
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS GENOA, July 20 — Five hundred years ago, the Genovese Christopher Columbus "discovered" the Americas and opened it for plunder and genocide. Now, the Group of Eight is in town to continue that grand tradition. And thousands
BY NOREEN NAVIN SYDNEY — Some 400 people attended the Now We The People conference over the July 14-15 weekend to discuss the negative impact of economic rationalism and corporate globalisation on ordinary people's lives. Sponsored by a wide
BY ANN PITSTOCK & KAMALA EMANUEL In the context of the racist media hysteria surrounding the rape allegations made against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission chairperson Geoff Clark, it was commendable that NSW magistrate Pat O'Shane
Corporate advisor "Maybe it's time for [moderate anti-globalisation] groups ... to go further and suspend large-scale demonstrations, like the one scheduled for Genoa." — Time magazine correspondent Romesh Ratnesar writing in the July 23, 2001,
BY NICK FREDMAN LISMORE — Activists from the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) and the Rainforest Information Centre held a vigil outside the offices of State Forests at Casino on July 20. They were protesting against the unsustainable practices
BY DAVID BACON LONDON — The British Midlands are being engulfed by race riots, pitting the children of whites who lost jobs in the country's devastating deindustrialisation against sons and daughters of those who came to fill service jobs in the
BY EVA CHENG The delicate balance between the nuclear powers is up for a potentially dangerous shake-up after Russia and China on July 16 struck a formal alliance aimed at countering US President George W. Bush's "Son of Star Wars" anti-missile


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