BY JACQUI LEE PERTH — The lack of funding and resources has led to a crisis in Western Australia's hospital system. In the face of low pay and an ever-increasing workload, many nurses are leaving for better paid jobs. Nurses are to take action
BY NICK EVERETT SYDNEY — "We must work together to build a wall of public opinion against corporate greed and exploitation", Cuban Communist Party member Abelardo Cueto Sosa told the biggest meeting of left activists to be held in Sydney's
BY JOHN McGILL Khalil (not his real name) is a middle-aged married man with four young children. He is a Shi'ite Muslim, was born in Iraq and was a shoemaker by profession. As a teenager, he was conscripted into the Iraqi army. That was in the
BY PETER BOYLE Activists in every capital city in Australia have begun organising around calls for a worker-student strike and blockade of the stock exchanges on May 1. The M1 coalitions have brought together veterans of the S11 blockade
BY ANTHONY BENBOW AND MELANIE SJOBERG  Workers employed at BHP operations in WA's Pilbara region must be feeling a bad sense of d‚j… vu. In January last year, they were forced to fight to defend their jobs and hard-won conditions when
Reprinted below is the introduction which appeared in the first thing ever printed under Green Left's masthead, its "issue 0", January 1991. This special Green Left broadsheet has been produced as a response to the Gulf War. Coverage of the war by
BY KIM BULLIMORE MELBOURNE — After much successful campaigning in New South Wales, the Indigenous Students Network has relaunched itself as a national network for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Corrie Hodson, a founding member
The Democratic Socialist Party's 19th congress held January 3-7 unanimously endorsed the following statement in support of the Yallourn power workers. The DSP pledges its full support for the Yallourn power workers in their struggle to keep their
BY NORM DIXON On December 6, the Australian government released its long-awaited defence white paper, "Defence 2000 — Our Future Defence Force", to almost unanimous acclaim from ruling class commentators and the big business media's op-ed
BY STEPHEN O'BRIEN NEWCASTLE — Mining company Colrock has followed in the nefarious tradition of National Textiles and Steel Tank and Pipe (STP) by sacking workers without paying them their entitlements. Colrock, whose parent company is the


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