Is marriage doomed in the 21st century? asks Jane Smiley in "Money marriage & monogamy", in the January 6 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald's lifestyle magazine, Good Weekend. Unlike anti-feminist Bettina Arndt's ravings which regularly grace the
BY STEPHEN O'BRIEN NEWCASTLE — Mining company Colrock has followed in the nefarious tradition of National Textiles and Steel Tank and Pipe (STP) by sacking workers without paying them their entitlements. Colrock, whose parent company is the
REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Pius XIIBy John CornwellPenguin430 pp, $22 (pb)The Catholic Church and Nazi GermanyBy Guenter LewyDa Capo Press416 pp, $38.95 (pb) If Pope John Paul II has his way, the next newly minted
BY PIP HINMAN  Acehnese activist Kautsar has been struggling for his people's right to self-determination for some years. In 1998, he helped to form Student Solidarity with the People (SMUR), the main Acehenese student-led popular
BY SEAN HEALY This week, Green Left Weekly celebrates its 10th birthday. Through a decade of tumult, of wars, revolutions and counter-revolutions, we've lived long and prospered. Our first issue actually appeared on February 28, 1991 but, such
BY VIV MILEY At 5am on the morning of December 19, Turkish military units stormed prisons across the country in a bid to force political prisoners to end a hunger strike. The operation, code-named "Return to Life", involved the use of machine guns,
BY SUE BOLAND  It is just a little over 12 months since the protests against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting in Seattle awoke the world to the gathering strength of a new anti-corporate movement against neo-liberal
The Green Left Weekly Fighting Fund got off to a flying start at the Democratic Socialist Party's January 3-7 congress. Members and supporters of the party pledged a massive $121,615 at the congress rally. It was the first of a series of special
BY NORM DIXON The low level of participation by voters in the December 5 South African municipal elections reflects a growing dissatisfaction among workers and poor at the African National Congress (ANC) government's repeated failure to keep its
Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Sunday, 9-11pm. Ph 9565 5522. Access News — Melbourne community TV,
BY JIM GREEN The incoming administration of George W Bush is planning a controversial national missile defence (NMD) system as part of its broader military build-up — a reprise of the failed "Star Wars" efforts of Presidents Ronald Reagan and
BY KERRYN WILLIAMS "We see the potential energy among urban poor youth, whose power has been shown many times in Indonesian history. They are brave, energetic and not afraid of new ideas and changes. We are trying to build their trust in the idea
The following remarks were delivered at the dedication of Jose Villa's statue of John Lennon in Lennon Park, Havana, Cuba on December 8. It was the 20th anniversary of Lennon's assassination.
Best of all possible parliamentary worlds Look at that will ya? If you ask me they're a pack of vultures going on, baying at the heels of the pollies. — What are you on about? This thing that's happening to the Labor Party. It's tragic,
Rise Like Lions Although I was prepared to accept criticism of Rise Like Lions in a review published in GLW, I feel a response to the thoughts of Jonathon Strauss is justified. I was somewhat offended at being associated with nationalism and
The French seaside resort town of Nice, on the country's Mediterranean coast, added its name to the list of "insurgent cities" — a list which already includes Seattle, Washington, Prague and Melbourne — when, on December 6-7, 70,000 people from


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