BY PETER BOYLE Hundreds of commemorations of the first anniversary of the Seattle protests against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) are being organised for around November 30. In Seattle, the street protests outside, and the activities of
BY JUSTIN RANDELL Members of the Democratic Socialist Party, Resistance and others inspired by the growing anti-capitalist movement will meet for the 19th DSP congress, to be held in western Sydney from January 3-7. The theme of the
@head = INDONESIA: Activists plan anti-globalisation conference BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — Leaders of the struggle against neo-liberal globalisation here are preparing a major gathering of activists to discuss strategies to stop the imperialist
BY SANA KAMAL AMMAN — The outcome of the “emergency” Arab summit convened to adopt a unified Arab position towards the Palestinian uprising did not come as a surprise to most Arabs. But it was a great disappointment to those who had hoped
It is time for the opponents of Israel's colonialist war against the Palestinian people to mobilise in support of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Yasser Arafat's demand that a United Nations force be sent to protect the unarmed and defenceless
Maqsood Alshams was released from Sydney's Villawood Detention in April after 16 months of imprisonment and abuse. He was interred under Australia's racist mandatory detention policy for asylum seekers. Maqsood sought asylum in Australia because he
BY SAROJINI KRISHNAPILLAI For the third consecutive year, the Jabiluka uranium mine in the Northern Territory is on the agenda of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee (WHC), the international body charged with protecting the World Heritage values of
Accidental good Writing more than a century ago, Frederick Engels commented that the outcome of scientific and technological development always has unexpected consequences. He gave the example of the discovery of alcoholic distillation
The following are remarks made by US Greens presidential candidate Ralph Nader to the National Press Club on November 8: The Green Party is alive and well. This campaign has established the Greens as a viable political force. We are now third
BY PAT BREWER HAVANA — "We affirm our conviction that the Cuban people have the unquestionable right to construct their own model of economic, political and social development, to decide their own future without interference or aggression and to
BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — On November 14, six members of the Central Leadership Council of the People's Democratic Party (KPP-PRD) announced the formation of the Democratic Socialist Association (PDS). The six members are Coen Hussein Pontoh, Dhyta
BY BRONWYN JENNINGS BALLARAT — Bans imposed by trade union members at Ballarat University have broken the stalemate in negotiations between management and staff. The bans, which came into effect on November 13, were imposed on exam supervision
BY PETER LIMB Mass strikes and protests have shaken Africa's last absolute monarchy. A movement, led by the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions (SFTU), political and student groups, has been demanding labour and democratic reforms. In response,
On October 29, 26 million Brazilians voted for municipal governments in cities where no candidate had won an absolute majority after the first round of voting on October 1. Brazil's left-wing Workers Party (PT) won 13 of the 16 cities where it had
BY NICOLE HILDER WOLLONGONG — Left-wing students at Wollongong university fended off a challenge from the right-wing and regained control over the Student Representative Council (SRC) in elections held on October 24-26. The left won all office
BY JONATHAN STRAUSS The recent purchase by Foundation Health Care of the Medihelp medical centre chain means 1000 general practitioners, about 5% of all those in Australia, will be contracted to Foundation. Foundation managing director Ken Jones


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