A new web site has been set up to distribute information about the current crisis in Palestine and build international solidarity with the Palestinian people's struggle for justice. It is the September 2000 Clashes Information Center at
Last week, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency was appointed chairperson of a "trilateral commission" to save the Middle East "peace process". While the appointment is apparently acceptable to both Palestine Authority head Yasser Arafat
Olympic tokenism Tinsel and glitter will not end racism nor will the token gestures and stereotyping of indigenous people that occurred at the Olympic Games opening ceremony. The Olympics were a disgusting waste of money and catered once again to
BY DANIEL KELLY SYDNEY — Two hundred members of the Maritime Union of Australia's central NSW branch have backed a sacked union delegate at P&O Port Botany, Dave Hauser, and called on the union's national officials to support his unfair dismissal
Competition, heart of the market Corel is a Canadian company that produces software for the publishing industry. Some of its products, such as CorelDraw and Ventura (a product it bought rather than invented), are among the best in the
HAVANA — In contrast to almost all other governments in the world, including Australia and United States, the Cuban government condemned on October 3 the "barbaric acts" of Israeli troops against Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem, the West Bank
BY SUE BULL Federal education minister David Kemp unveiled his new funding scheme for private schools on September 28, a scheme which will give millions of extra dollars to elite education even as public education suffers. Labor opposition
BY CHRIS SPINDLER MELBOURNE — As the picket line at the Arrowcrest-owned Brownbuilt factory here entered its fourth week, community activists and other unionists supporting the Brownbuilt workers targeted other sites owned by Arrowcrest. At ROH
Ask yourself this: what has a government budget surplus ever done for you? Has it given you good quality, prompt, free dental care? If you're a parent, has it provided free, around-the-clock child-care? Has it given you high quality public
The rise to power in Serbia of Vojislav Kostunica may have somewhat ironic effects on the region. Western governments were aiming for a "palace coup" against President Slobodan Milosevic so as to keep intact much of the regime, which represents the
MAPUTO — In a stunning turn-around, Mozambique's ministry of environment announced on September 29 that they were no longer considering the Danish International Development Agency's (Danida) plan to convert a local cement kiln into a hazardous
Despite the end of the Cold War, United States military, economic and political intervention around the world continues to increase, while at home the military budget consumes the hopes for a radical reordering of economic priorities. The idea of a
Realism "When you see your soldiers being killed and injured one right after the other, it adds a sense of realism to the drill." — A Japanese army major on a computerised battle simulation. Decades, sometimes "It takes time to get troops to
Oil giant Anglo-Dutch Shell in September lost its appeal to prevent a jury hearing a multi-million dollar civil suit in New York. The case, brought against Shell by Nigerian exiles, charges Shell with aiding and abetting the torture and murder of
BY SUE BOLAND The federal Coalition government, with support from Labor, plans to rush through parliament amendments to the Electoral Act which will make it virtually impossible to register a new political party — unless it has plenty of money.
COMMENT BY KAMALA EMANUEL The September 11 (S11) protests in Melbourne against the World Economic Forum (WEF) inspired many new activists and provided the movement for global justice with important lessons. The feminist movement should take these


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