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Service with a smile "This is not about liabilities — this is a customer service program." — Mobile's fuels marketing manager, Paul Wherry, explaining the company's $15 million relief fund for aviators affected by the fuel contamination
By Margaret Allum On the evening of his election win in 1999, PM John Howard announced his support for "true reconciliation with the Aboriginal people of Australia by the centenary of federation". With only 10 months to go to the centenary
Links highlights East Timor Review by Jonathan Singer Links #14Available at all Resistance Bookshops (see listings on page 2) for $6.50or by subscription (see advertisement on page 18) The relationship between struggles for national liberation
Queensland rail workers stop work BRISBANE — Rail workers around Queensland stopped work on January 19 to discuss a pay claim for 12% over two years. The meetings voted for possible ongoing rolling stoppages if Queensland Rail fails to improve
Unions to fight hospital privatisation By Troy Saxby NEWCASTLE — The Newcastle Trades Hall Council voted unanimously on January 18 to launch a campaign against the privatisation of any part of the Mater Hospital. The Sisters of Mercy, who run
Networker: Modernising Today ships are criss-crossing the oceans of the world, laying fibre-optic cables to meet the expected gigantic demand for communication services in the early decades of this century. New networks in the United States and
Taliban are still brutal 'villains' By Lynette Dumble Since its seizure of Afghanistan in 1996, the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban has rapidly become the world's most despised regime. In August, a United Nations investigation revealed that the
West Papuans occupy embassy in Jakarta By Tim Murphy Students from West Papua occupied the Dutch embassy in Jakarta on January 17. They are demanding that Holland fulfil its promises to help West Papua achieve independence from Indonesia. West
Am I Thin Enough Yet? The Cult of Commercialization of IdentityBy Sharlene Hesse-BiberOxford University Press, 1996, 190 pp. Review by Rachel Evans This book is a worthy successor to The Beauty Myth (1991) by Naomi Wolf. While Am I Thin Enough Yet?
By John Meehan DUBLIN — In early June 1998, the Good Friday agreement (GFA) was endorsed by huge majorities in parallel referendums on both sides of the border dividing Ireland. One month later elections to a new devolved Northern Ireland
By Max Lane The commander-in-chief of the Indonesian armed forces (TNI), Admiral Widodo, has met President Abdurrahman Wahid to assure him that the TNI is not planning a coup. Other key generals have given the same assurances in the wake of strong