Solidarity with Cuba SYDNEY — A very successful concert on July 8, organised by the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union's Peter Davey and Kelly Livingstone, raised money for APHEDA's Cuban Children's Fund. The high energy
Dodson praises 'people's reconciliation movement' By Jenny Long SYDNEY — Around 300 people gathered on a cold and rainy night on July 14 in Sydney's eastern suburbs to hear Pat Dodson speak about the meaning and process of reconciliation. The
Comment by Stuart Munckton You have probably read about Barbara-Anne Wyrzykowski, the 25 year old who drove her five children, aged 18 months to eight years, to a deserted track just outside of Perth and gassed them and herself to death. The
 400 attend Pilger-Horta meeting By Jenny Long SYDNEY — On July 16, 400 people attended a public meeting to hear John Pilger and Jose Ramos Horta speak on the situation in East Timor. The meeting was organised by the National
By Lisa Lines and Stuart Munckton On the morning of July 5, Dita Sari, Indonesia's longest serving female political prisoner and a leading member of the People's Democratic Party (PRD), was released from prison. Dita, who was jailed for organising
By Rupen Savoulian For the last two weeks, in the largest demonstrations in Iran since the 1979 Islamic revolution, students in Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan and other major cities have demanded the resignation of the police chief and greater democratic
By Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — Fairwear, which campaigns for clothing outworkers' rights, held an action-planning workshop on July 10. Annie Delaney, a Textile Clothing Footwear Union of Australia organiser, said the TCFUA National Outwork
Jeffrey! — the musical, and other satirical delights By Terry Clinton SYDNEY — Obviously, Jeff Kennett was born to sing and what better way to pick a new president for the Republic of Australia than with an eisteddfod? At least
Neither 'free' trade nor protection US President Bill Clinton announced on July 8 that Australia's quota of lamb exports to the United States would be subject to a 9% tariff, with extra shipments facing a 40% tariff. In subsequent talk-back radio
IMF calling the shots in Indonesia By James Balowski An article in the June 24 Far Eastern Economic Review stated: “Ask the average Indonesian who he'd like as his next president and he'll tell you Megawati Sukarnoputri. Ask him why,
PRD activists still in hospital By Emily Citkowski JAKARTA — On July 1, 36 activists were hospitalised after a peaceful demonstration outside the office of the electoral commission (KPU) organised by the People's Democratic Party (PRD) was
Resistance conference a huge success By Chris Atkinson MELBOURNE — More than 250 young activists came together from around Australia for the 28th national conference of Resistance, held here from July 8 to 11. Conference delegates discussed,
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