By Angela Luvera
"The National Organisation of Women Students Australia (NOWSA) was born during a period of student activism in opposition to tertiary fees and the graduate tax. The original NOWSA activists fought for women's access to education,

By Mary Merkenich and Norrian Rundle
MELBOURNE — Australian Education Union (AEU) members at two state schools have taken action over moves to privatise state schools. Sandringham Secondary College and Blackburn High School are in the front line

How To Attract Capital
Take a pageFrom Auschwitz
Auschwitz attractedPlenty of Capital
Two huge factoriesKrupps and Siemens
Why was AuschwitzSuch a beaconFor Capital?
The reason is simple:Labour at AuschwitzCost nothing.
Denis Kevans

By Norm Dixon
While the world's capitalist media have been dominated by the massive US-directed NATO air war against Serbia, Washington's other terrorist war has been all but expunged from the airwaves and newspaper columns. Throughout the Balkans

University of Melbourne manoeuvres on wages
MELBOURNE — University of Melbourne management announced on June 9 that it would unilaterally grant a 2% pay increase to all staff as a "reward" for meeting previous revenue targets.
The National

Serbia under Milosevic: politics in the 1990sBy Robert ThomasHurst & Company, London, 1999 Review by Chris Slee
Slobodan Milosevic has been in control of Serbia since 1987. This book deals with his rise to power and the political struggles that

Tough deal for sex workers
By Alison Dellit
On June 20, the Queensland Labor government introduced what Premier Peter Beattie called "a tough package of prostitution law reform". The "reforms" will legalise and regulate brothels, while increasing

Kosova: what remains after 'victory'?
By Michael Karadjis
Who won the Kosova war? According to Western leaders, NATO did, and Slobodan Milosevic "totally capitulated". According to Milosevic, the war ended with a "victory for Serbia's peace

By Robert Milne
DARWIN — On May 12, an unemployed homeless man was sentenced to 12 months' jail for the theft of a baby towel valued at $15. Kevin Anthony Cook took the towel from the backyard of a house on April 15 to use for a blanket because

By Chris Spindler
More than 200 members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union at Dorf Industries are on strike and staffing a 24-hour picket line. They are opposing the company's attempt to relocate to Sydney and their treatment. The


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