WA media, government attempt a greenwash By Justin Harman PERTH — Western Australia's old-growth forests will remain open to logging and $41 million of public money will go to WA's big timber companies under the regional forest agreement (RFA)
The Howard government is bringing up to 4000 Kosovar refugees temporarily to Australia. The government has not provided significant aid to help the refugees to stay in areas near Kosova. It will not allow the refugees to apply for permanent residency
Wik When I heard our esteemed Attorney General in an ABC interview (March 22) criticise the findings of the United Nations Committee on Discrimination that the Wik amendments were discriminatory and therefore breaking international law, it was like
By Michael Karadjis NATO's bombing has caused hundreds of civilian deaths in Serbia, strengthened the Milosevic regime and resulted in a massive escalation of the Serbian regime's genocidal assault against Kosova's Albanian majority. This confronts
By Paul Oboohov CANBERRA — In the ACT budget announced on May 4, Kate Carnell's Liberal government proposed to cut 450 ACT government jobs to save $86 million a year and supposedly eliminate the ACT budget deficit by the end of the 2000-01
Man Mohan Adhikari, 1920-1999 On April 23, the chairperson of the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist Leninist), Man Mohan Adhikari, died. He was 78 years old. Adhikari had been a tireless leader of the Nepalese communist and workers'
EEIRC ends teachers' bargaining period By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — After taking several weeks to reach a decision, the state Industrial Relations Commission has granted the South Australian government's request to end the bargaining period
Vigils for East Timor By Graham Matthews BRISBANE — The second of three planned vigils in support of East Timor was held at King George Square on May 2 at 6.30pm. The vigil was organised by the Graceville-Corinda parish, and more than 100
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May Day around the world By Norm Dixon May Day, the international day of workers' action and solidarity, was marked throughout the world on May 1. Some of the biggest actions took place where the class struggle is raging. Opposition to NATO's war
NZ students say: 'Butt out of student affairs' By Zanny Begg In April university students across New Zealand were asked to vote in referendums on whether membership of student unions should be compulsory or voluntary. Initially the private
Escape the system? Change it! By Gina Knight Some environment activists argue that "living green" is the most important step towards saving the environment. But can individual lifestyle choices reverse the destruction of the planet's ecology?