By Jonathan Singer Federal industrial relations minister Peter Reith on May 6 detailed proposed "second wave" changes to industrial relations law that will further reduce workers' ability to organise industrial action and control their unions and
SA cops' culture of racist violence exposed By Norm Dixon Television footage has graphically illustrated how little the culture of racist violence and lawlessness within the South African Police Service (SAPS) has changed as South Africa's second
Wik When I heard our esteemed Attorney General in an ABC interview (March 22) criticise the findings of the United Nations Committee on Discrimination that the Wik amendments were discriminatory and therefore breaking international law, it was like
Socialist wins seat in first Scottish parliament By Lisa Macdonald A socialist was elected to the first Scottish parliament on May 6. Tommy Sheridan headed the Scottish Socialist Party's (SSP) Glasgow regional list for the second vote, which is
The Howard government is bringing up to 4000 Kosovar refugees temporarily to Australia. The government has not provided significant aid to help the refugees to stay in areas near Kosova. It will not allow the refugees to apply for permanent residency
No-ticket, no-start campaign launched By Michael Bull MELBOURNE — On April 21, more than 600 shop stewards and 80 organisers from the Alliance unions — the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), Federated Engine Drivers and
Vigils for East Timor By Graham Matthews BRISBANE — The second of three planned vigils in support of East Timor was held at King George Square on May 2 at 6.30pm. The vigil was organised by the Graceville-Corinda parish, and more than 100
EEIRC ends teachers' bargaining period By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — After taking several weeks to reach a decision, the state Industrial Relations Commission has granted the South Australian government's request to end the bargaining period
By Iggy Kim On April 13, by a vote of two to one, the full Federal Court upheld the government's right to deport a two-year-old Australian-born child by denying refugee status to his family. Shi Hai Chen was born to Chinese asylum seekers Ren Bing
By Sarah Peart When I heard someone yell out "Hey chick!", I calmly turned around prepared to explain to this juvenile male that I don't appreciate being referred to as a fluffy baby chicken. To my shock, I found that it was a feminist woman. The
Escape the system? Change it! By Gina Knight Some environment activists argue that "living green" is the most important step towards saving the environment. But can individual lifestyle choices reverse the destruction of the planet's ecology?
By Sue Boland After the goods and services tax (GST) was decisively rejected at the 1993 federal election, the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) helped resuscitate it. In 1996, ACOSS and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
CANBERRA — If you were one of the many people blasted away by ACT Jabiluka Action Group's "Jabiluka Jive" last year (which raised more than $2000 for the Jabiluka Legal Fund), then keep May 19 free from 8.30pm. Atomic Rage, again at the Gypsy Bar,
By Robyn Marshall Four thousand and five hundred food items that sit today on supermarket shelves around the world are the product of genetic engineering, including many sold in Australia. Most of these contain genetically modified (GM) varieties
Green Left Weekly dinner CANBERRA — More than 100 Green Left Weekly supporters attended an extremely successful May Day dinner here on May 1. Over $1000 was raised for the paper at the event, organised by the Democratic Socialist Party.
By Patrick Bond The African National Congress has a long history of accommodating competing political interests within its tent. Unlike Brazil's Workers Party, the ANC does not countenance active internal "tendencies". However, its formal Alliance


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