The Mighty Mighty Bosstones toured Australia in July with their ska music combined with hard-core punk rock — "ska-core" — and a single reaching for the top of the mainstream charts. Green Left Weekly's LIAM MITCHELL spoke to the Bosstones'
Burmese students in Thailand The All Burma Students Democratic Organisation in Australia has issued a statement attacking "the brutal and inhumane treatment of Burmese students in Thailand" by Thai authorities. According to an SBS Burmese program
For four days last September, labour and community supporters of the sacked Liverpool dockers in England picketed a scab ship, the Neptune Jade, in the port of Oakland in California. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) on the west
By Lisa Macdonald The 41-day strike by 6400 telephone workers to stop the privatisation of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company (PRTC) ended on July 29. The sale, to US-based General Telephone and Electronics, and Banco Popular, will go ahead for
Secretive nuclear bill: Liberal and Labor increase radiation threat By Jim Green The federal government has pushed a bill through the House of Representatives which will increase the radiation threat in Australia. The Labor "opposition" did


GST Tax reform so they saywill increase our paybut we'll pay through the nose;so oppose — GST.It'll be easy comeand then easy goesas we pay through the nose;so oppose — GST. We don't wish to be rudebut it seems rather crude —this tax on our
By David Bacon SAN FRANCISCO — The most unusual factor of the month-long strike of two General Motors auto parts plants near Detroit is that the company has accomplished what generations of left-wing activists in the factories have not been able
MUA fight: the CPA failed a crucial test By Dick Nichols My articles in Green Left Weekly issues 322 and 323 on the deal between Patrick Stevedores and the Maritime Union of Australia were aimed at stirring up some open debate about the most
By Robyn Marshall We will not know if the food we put in our mouths has been genetically engineered, if proposals from the Australian and New Zealand Food Authority are accepted by the government. There will be no requirement that fruit and
Past master for a new generation Past MastersBy Roy Bailey Review by John McGill British left-wing MP Tony Benn calls Roy Bailey "the greatest socialist folk singer of his generation". Reviewer Martin Pearson says, "Roy Bailey is not an act, he
Queensland students defy threats By Peter Robson and Sarah Cunningham BRISBANE — Threats of expulsion didn't stop more than 2000 high school students protesting here on July 28 against racism and One Nation. The rally, which started at King
Indigenous women meet MELBOURNE — On July 26, 200 people, mainly women, heard Aboriginal women discuss how to fight Howard and Hanson's racism and win justice for Aboriginal people. Monica Morgan, a Yorta Yorta woman, explained that the only