Luis Posada Carriles It was interesting to notice two recent references in Green Left to a Luis Posada Carriles in connection with a hotel bombing in Havana. Carriles' career may be of interest to readers. Carriles was self-exiled from Cuba after
Quito: the story of a refugee SYDNEY — As part of the Song Company and Sydney A cappella Association's "Modern Art Series", Quito will be performed at Newtown Theatre on August 6. Quito, by Martin and Perter Wesley-Smith, is a multimedia event
Cambodia: losers reject election results By Helen Jarvis Anyone reading the establishment press over the past month, or watching TV, would have been primed to expect certain results of the July 26 elections in Cambodia: the people would
Not an advertisement Fair go! There's something very wrong about Australian sales taxes. For example, if you choose to travel by BMW, you have to pay a sales tax of up to 45% on your chosen means of transport. But if you decide to walk, you
Bus drivers take action By Anthony Benbow ADELAIDE — "We have tried to do the right thing by the company but they have given us nothing", said one driver employed by private bus operator Serco, as he and many colleagues stopped work for 24
Censorship At the Network Of Women Students Australia (NOWSA) national conference last month, the decades-long debate about what position feminists should take on censorship was raised, this time centring on the increasing amount of sexist
Growth industry “Uranium is a growth industry”, Says the Mining Maggot, always smilin' — You're sure to get a growth out of it, you idiot! Just look at the people from the Marshall Islands! Denis Kevans
Public HousingProduced and directed by Frederick WisemanSydney International Film Festival Review by Becky Ellis Public Housing is a documentary about the life of residents of one of the poorest housing complexes in the United States: the Ida B.
By Eva Cheng Hyundai Motors, South Korea's biggest car producer, failed to reopen its key plant in Ulsan on July 28, due to a protest walkout of 15,000 workers in a bid to save the jobs of 2678 co-workers who were scheduled to be fired on July 31.
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — On July 30, Green Left Weekly distributors once again confronted censorship in the shape of Central Market security officers "just doing their job". Mid-afternoon, one GLW seller was told he was standing on the
By Peter Montague There were just over 4 million live births in the US in 1992. There were 30,000 foetal deaths. A foetal death is one that occurs after at least 20 weeks of gestation but prior to birth. In actuality, there were very likely more
By Roberto Jorquera The invasion of the Americas following their "discovery" by Christopher Columbus was central to the development of capitalism in Europe. After the invasion, it was necessary for the colonial ruling class to develop the ideology