Russian miners targeted by anti-worker offensive By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — According to recently announced plans of the Russian government, 1998 is to be the year when the country's coal industry is gutted and cut up, the most toothsome
By James Vassilopoulos The Christmas roast turkey had barely enough time to be digested before the Sydney Morning Herald launched a broadside against wharfies and the Maritime Union of Australia, hoping to isolate them from other workers and thus
Union's long battle with Hamersley Iron By Anthony Benbow Reading James Vassilopolous' article on the disgusting practices of Rio Tinto and its allies (GLW #300), I was struck by a passage dealing with the company's activity in WA's Pilbara,
New elite triumphs at ANC conference By Oupa Lehulere The 50th conference of the African National Congress, held in December in the North West Province capital of Mafikeng, has been hailed as a "changing of the guard" in the movement that
Comment by Sean Healy The national conference of the National Union of Students (NUS), held December 8-12, showed clearly the distance NUS still has to travel before it can really claim to be "the national voice of students" that effectively
Sorry business: NSW councils split on Aboriginal apology Like all levels of government, local councils in NSW are under pressure to make a public apology to Aboriginal people of the "stolen generation". Some have been quick to comply, happy to
By Maung Maung Than When Burma's ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) changed its name last year to State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), some regarded it as a coup against the old guard; some even hoped for a return of
By Norm Dixon The jailing of 23 national executive members of the left-wing Basque pro-independence party, Herri Batasuna (HB, People's Unity), has provoked widespread demonstrations in the Basque country. There have also been a spate of armed
Dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dot The message from Asia has said it plain enough: "SOS. SOS. This is Asia. Position 45 N 150 E 90 W. Stop engine. We need assistance." Of course you heard it. It was everywhere!
Ted Bull, 1914-1997 Ted Bull, 1914-1997 Veteran communist and trade union activist Ted Bull died on December 11, aged 83. More than 500 people packed into the auditorium of Trades Hall on December 22 to honour Ted's memory and to celebrate
One of Brisbane's best-known left movement identities, Bob Leach, died in Sydney on Christmas eve. Several hundred people gathered in St Mary's Church in Brisbane's West End on December 31 for a moving funeral meeting for Bob. The audience included
Here they come again Alien Resurrection Review by Mary Merkenich I must admit I enjoyed the very first Alien, but Alien Resurrection, number four in the series, is not worth spending your hard-earned money on. It's sexist, extremely gory and
Rally in defence of native title By John Nebauer MELBOURNE — About 1000 people braved the rain to rally in opposition to the Howard government's 10-point plan to amend the Native Title Act on December 13. The rally, called by Campaign
Left on-line Free Speech TV — Here's a progressive site that takes full advantage of the technology of the net. If your browser has the RealVideo plug-in, you can watch hundreds of political video documentaries on your computer screen (you can
By Jon Land SYDNEY — The Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance commemorated 150 years of the Communist Manifesto with a socialist education conference here, January 3 to 7. The 255 conference participants reaffirmed and discussed the
AMSTERDAM — Greenpeace on January 13 released a confidential French government memo which reveals plans by the plutonium industry to again ship high-level nuclear waste from France to Japan. For the first time the waste will be taken through the


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