By Michael Karadjis TUZLA — The recent municipal elections throughout Bosnia-Hercegovina reveal a polarisation between the three ethnic-based parties on the one hand, and multi-ethnic or anti-nationalist forces on the other. The victories of
NZ students arrested outside parliament By Francesca Alice WELLINGTON — Baton-wielding police arrested 74 students on September 25 at a peaceful protest outside parliament. The protest, organised by the Victoria University of Wellington
Democratic rights at stake in Basque trial On October 6, Spain's Supreme Court postponed the start of the trial of 23 national executive members of the legal Basque pro-independence party, Herri Batasuna. Defence lawyers asked that one of the
Window-dressing The hollowness of the Liberal Party's gloating last year when it appointed four women to its ministry — the largest number in any Australian government — was clearly revealed by Howard's cabinet reshuffle on October 5.
Rallies for native title Australians for Native Title held a "Rally for coexistence and for native title" in Perth on September 28. More than 60 people heard a range of speakers address the implications of Howard's 10-point plan and what people
ANU staff keep up the fight By David Gosling CANBERRA — National Tertiary Education and Industry Union members in the Faculty of Arts at the Australian National University held a stop-work meeting on October 8 and voted unanimously to
Reclaiming the night By Rachel Evans MELBOURNE — Supporters of the Reclaim the Night collective here packed out Cinema Nova to watch Career Girls on October 2. The screening, attended by 220 people, raised much-needed funds and publicised
By Jo Brown SYDNEY — The election of right-wing candidate Adair Durie as the new president of the University of Sydney Student Representative Council two weeks ago ended 10 years of left-wing presidents. Adair "the Bear" Durie ran on a ticket
By Paul Glenning EMERALD — Miners have entered their second week of picketing the giant underground Gordonstone coalmine in central Queensland. US mining company ARCO has closed the mine and issued dismissal notices to 312 mining and
By Marcel Cameron MELBOURNE — Activists are celebrating an encouraging turnout of students and staff for the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) referendum on up-front fees. More than 10,000 students and staff voted on whether they
Practising on me By Brandon Astor Jones [Editor's note: On September 23, Brandon Astor Jones' resentencing trial in Georgia ended with him being condemned to death. Here he comments on an aspect of the trial. Further information is
When computers die By Barry Healy What happens to old computers when they die? Is there a sort of "elephants' graveyard" where they all disappear? Yes, in a way. It's called the Third World. The technological revolution has created a
Cancel Congo's debt "My country, whose foreign debt amounts to $14 billion, calls upon the major donors to demonstrate greater solidarity and a more responsible and consistent approach to possible solutions", Congo's foreign minister, Bizima
Native title rally SYDNEY — Up to 5000 unionists marched on October 1 to protest against the Liberal government's attacks on trade union rights. Thousands of CFMEU building workers walked off sites across Sydney, and a large contingent of coal
Telstra dismisses union delegate By Leo Wellin In a test case against unlawful dismissal, union militant Mervyn Vogt is appealing to the Federal Court against Telstra's sacking of him for producing a rank and file newsletter. Vogt, a
By Sibylle Kaczorek DARWIN — The federal government decision to give the green light to uranium mining at Jabiluka was met with a 150-strong protest in Darwin on October 9. Called at short notice by the Coalition Against Uranium Mining, the


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