By James Balowski On September 16, President Suharto publicly apologised to Indonesia's neighbours for the fires which have blanketed large parts of Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines in choking smog. But those who hoped that this was
By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — The campaign by Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) members in Centrelink, the federal government's new "one-stop shop" services delivery agency, for improvements in a draft agency agreement, is coming to a
KWON YOUNG-KIL, leader of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), is standing in South Korea's presidential election in December. HAN DONG-MIN looks at the background. The decision by the trade union federations and the National Alliance for
By Jennifer Thompson The headlines about an increase of just under 75,000 people in work in Australia last month were welcomed by government leaders. But the news came just a couple of weeks too late for former employment minister, Amanda
Reclaiming the night By Rachel Evans MELBOURNE — Supporters of the Reclaim the Night collective here packed out Cinema Nova to watch Career Girls on October 2. The screening, attended by 220 people, raised much-needed funds and publicised
Rallies for native title Australians for Native Title held a "Rally for coexistence and for native title" in Perth on September 28. More than 60 people heard a range of speakers address the implications of Howard's 10-point plan and what people
Green politics in 'grey times' By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — About 150 people attended the 11th Eco-Politics conference held at the University of Melbourne on October 4 and 5. Scholars and activists presented a range of papers and workshops on
Tax office campaign falters By Ben Courtice MELBOURNE — The Community and Public Sector Union's Tax Section has stepped back from its campaign against staff sackings in Victoria. While the CPSU has promised to strike the moment any member
By Graham Matthews On October 5, 250 people marched along the Cardwell foreshore to protest the destruction caused by the Port Hinchinbrook development in north Queensland. At a similar protest on September 14, protesters were assaulted by
By Margaret Gleeson SYDNEY — Amid unprecedented scenes of booing and heckling of a premier, delegates at the NSW ALP annual conference in Sydney on October 4 gave the thumbs down to the plan of Bob Carr and treasurer Michael Egan to sell off
Practising on me By Brandon Astor Jones [Editor's note: On September 23, Brandon Astor Jones' resentencing trial in Georgia ended with him being condemned to death. Here he comments on an aspect of the trial. Further information is
By Paul Glenning EMERALD — Miners have entered their second week of picketing the giant underground Gordonstone coalmine in central Queensland. US mining company ARCO has closed the mine and issued dismissal notices to 312 mining and