Campaign against Eastern Ring Road relaunched By Marcel Cameron MELBOURNE — Two hundred people attended an Anti-Ring Road Organisation (ARRO) public meeting in Eltham on April 30 to relaunch the campaign against the proposed Eastern Ring
Since its launch more than six years ago, Green Left Weekly has been a consistent source of information and analysis for people and organisations campaigning against racism in Australia and internationally. During May and June, Green Left will
FireWritten and directed by Deepa MehtaScreening in Sydney from end of JuneFor details phone Courtney at Globe on (02) 9332 2722 Preview by Reihana Mohideen The opening scene — a young couple silhouetted against a magnificent backdrop of that pious
By Kerryn Williams While more attention has been directed at the federal government's plans for higher education, secondary education is also under severe attack from both state and federal governments. One of the biggest factors is a massive
Eastern Distributor blockade rehearsed SYDNEY — Anti-motorway activists occupied the Drivers Triangle area in Surry Hills for 24 hours on April 27 to practise for protests against the proposed Eastern Distributor freeway. Mock toll
Ground water contamination from pesticides in US Ground water contamination from pesticides in US A new study released by the North Carolina Pesticide Board shows widespread pesticide contamination in the state's ground water. Over 27% of
By Cam Walker The US government has stepped up its 20-year campaign against the Navajo (or Dineh) people. The government has announced a "90-day eviction" process that will forcibly remove the Navajo from their lands. The Dineh live in a remote
Young suffer from capitalism in eastern Europe Young people in eastern Europe can be forgiven for not celebrating the triumph of the "market economy". According to a report released by the United Nations Children's Fund on April 21, there are
By Margaret Gleeson On April 22, Peruvian president Fujimori ended the 127-day occupation of the Japanese ambassador's residence by Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) guerillas. "The end of the crisis showed that Fujimori exclusively
By Peter McGregor The commemoration of Anzac Day has a special temporal link to Australia's role in the Viet Nam-USA War. April 30 is the date when Vietnamese commemorate either the liberation, or the fall, of Saigon and the South, depending on
By Melissa McArdle MELBOURNE — Censorship of the arts has come into the limelight once again with an unprecedented move by a local council to ban a theatrical production. The Essentials, a play exploring the social backlash against cutbacks
Shellharbour protest picnic By Margaret Perrott WOLLONGONG — Fifty people gathered at Bass Point, overlooking beautiful Shellharbour Beach, for a picnic and protest against a proposed marina development on April 20. The action was
By Lisa Macdonald The landslide victory for Tony Blair's New Labour Party in the May 1 British election was more a massive rejection of 18 years of Tory policies than it was a strong endorsement of Blair's new style Labour Toryism. The lack of
Win for Thor victims British chemical company Thor Holdings agreed on April 8 to pay 20 South African workers suffering from mercury poisoning 9.4 million rand (US$2 million). The settlement ends a battle that began in 1992, after three
By Peter Perkins SYDNEY — "It is necessary to make a thorough examination of all operations of the Authority to see where savings can be made. This is under way and your co-operation is imperative. The future of railways is the responsibility
By Ben Reid and Jo Williams Andy Blunden's attempt to justify his selling of the enterprise bargain agreement to NTEU members at Melbourne University (above) evades the real issues. The opposition to the agreement from wide sectors of the union


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