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By Ben Reid and Jo Williams Andy Blunden's attempt to justify his selling of the enterprise bargain agreement to NTEU members at Melbourne University (above) evades the real issues. The opposition to the agreement from wide sectors of the union
Call to ban mining on Stradbroke Island By Bill Mason @box text intro = BRISBANE — Conservation and Aboriginal groups on April 27 renewed a call for sand mining on Stradbroke Island to be suspended after reports revealed possible mine
Chinese community combats Hanson By Graham Matthews BRISBANE — Following the April 11 launch of Pauline Hanson's racist One Nation party in Ipswich, sections of the Australian-Chinese community have lodged a protest with the Australian
By Tony Iltis and Kath Gelber HOBART — On May 1 Tasmanian legislative councillors voted almost unanimously to repeal that state's anti-gay laws, bringing Tasmania into line with the rest of Australia. The decision is a victory for a nine-year
By Andy Blunden I object to the level to which GLW has sunk in its support for the International Socialist Organisation's provocation at Melbourne University last month. The April 16 article by Jo Williams and Ben Reid says that the
By Nick Fredman LISMORE — The council of Southern Cross University (SCU) has appointed a management committee to "manage the affairs" of the student bodies. Students have strongly condemned the action and are organising to return control to
Court rules for East Timorese refugee By Max Lane On May 2, the full Federal Court set aside a decision of the Refugee Review Tribunal that East Timorese refugee Jong Kim Koe was not a refugee under the International Refugees Convention.
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — You're a worker in an industrial city of provincial Russia, and you haven't been paid in months. You and your family would starve if it weren't for the vegetables you raise in a garden plot on the outskirts of town.
FireWritten and directed by Deepa MehtaScreening in Sydney from end of JuneFor details phone Courtney at Globe on (02) 9332 2722 Preview by Reihana Mohideen The opening scene — a young couple silhouetted against a magnificent backdrop of that pious
Campaign against Eastern Ring Road relaunched By Marcel Cameron MELBOURNE — Two hundred people attended an Anti-Ring Road Organisation (ARRO) public meeting in Eltham on April 30 to relaunch the campaign against the proposed Eastern Ring
Win-win-win education University administrations say they are forced by funding cutbacks to sell courses to full fee-paying students. With at least equal truth, HECS-paying students say this will reduce the quality of their education through