On November 26, agents of Peru's intelligence service violently seized General Rodolfo Robles Espinoza in Lima, beating him and spraying him in the face with tear gas before forcing him into a vehicle with darkened windows. Robles was then taken to

DANIEL NINA works as a lawyer with the Community Peace Foundation in Cape Town. Born in Puerto Rico, Nina has spent the last six years in South Africa. He liaises closely with the ANC government's minister of justice on criminal law and the court

Treasurer Peter Costello's threat to call a double dissolution election over the Senate's rejection of some of the Coalition's vicious anti-immigrant, cost-slashing measures is nothing to be feared. Those who oppose Canberra's reactionary policies

By Lisa Macdonald
PM John Howard professes outrage at charges that his government is racist. Minister for Aboriginal affairs, John Herron argues that "that's all in the past". Today, says MP Pauline Hanson, Aborigines get "privileged treatment".

By Marina Cameron
Ask any young person today what they think of society and their future and you will more than likely get a dissatisfied response. In 1995, a national survey found that the majority of young Australians expect a poorer quality

MELBOURNE — In the largest anti-racism demonstration in the country so far this year, more than 30,000 people rallied here on December 8. Organised by the People for Racial Equality coalition, which was set up from a Victorian Trades and Labour

With this issue, we reach the end of Green Left Weekly's publishing year. We will resume publication in the new year with the January 22 issue, when we'll be back with a new look and a wealth of information, discussion and debate. To make sure you

By Jennifer Thompson
Following a November 14 European parliament resolution condemning recent Israeli conduct in the occupied territories, a December 1 Arab League extraordinary meeting has warned that the peace process between the PLO and the

In Bernie Brian's article "Mudginberri revisited" in GLW #257, we added a statement that the present federal treasurer, Peter Costello, was the bosses' barrister in that dispute. In fact, Costello represented the employers in a similar

'The bells will toll for all humanity'
Reprinted here is the text of the speech given on November 16 by Cuban President Fidel Castro, at the World Food Summit, held in Rome at the headquarters of the United Nations Food and Agricultural


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