On the way up
"I'm looking to rise up to be state or federal director of the Liberal Party, and I've got to go through certain avenues to get there." — Rod Dent, son of the first person to die under the NT's euthanasia law, explaining why he

By Jorge Andres
PERTH — Racism No! candidate Clarrie Isaacs says he has no wish to "join the enemy" in parliament but simply wants to get closer to be able to "kick their arse". His running mate in the WA state election, Arun Pradhan, thinks the

Christabel Chamarette supports Racism No!
"Voting for Racism No! is more than symbolic", former WA Greens Senator Christabel Chamarette said in a statement on December 4. "It is a really tangible way to show politicians and governments that many

SYDNEY — Performance artist Annette Rups-Eyland's new piece Fallen Totems: An inner journey will feature at the 1997 Fringe Festival at Bondi Pavilion Gallery. Rups-Eyland's work — the fourth in a series — aims to examine social and religious

By Peter McGregor
The status of the rights of citizens varies, both over time within any society, and also between societies. The concept of rights as somehow natural or inherent in social life, and as universal, is question-begging. It is more

Weipa CD launched
SYDNEY — Around 150 trade unionists, leftists and folk artists attended the launch of Union is strength, CD dedicated to the Weipa strikers, on December 1. Most of the artists on the compilation CD performed to help launch the

'Fight Racism Dinner'
By Bill Mason
BRISBANE — "My thanks go to Resistance for their support for East Timor and the East Timorese people", Leila Corte-Real, a representative of the Timorese community in Brisbane, told a Fight Racism Dinner held

Kurdish parliamentarian denied visa
The Australian embassy in Paris has refused a visa to the deputy speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament in exile to attend a conference at Deakin University in Melbourne. According to a December 1 statement by the

Despite the danger of arrest and torture, and the imprisonment of at least 24 of its members, the People's Democratic Party (PRD) is still organising. EDMUND THAMPSON and JILL HICKSON spoke with MARCEL — a National Committee member and chairperson

Treasurer Peter Costello's threat to call a double dissolution election over the Senate's rejection of some of the Coalition's vicious anti-immigrant, cost-slashing measures is nothing to be feared. Those who oppose Canberra's reactionary policies


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