Campus axed
By Jonathan Strauss
SYDNEY — The St George campus of the University of New South Wales is to be closed, with the loss of four schools (Teacher Education, Applied and Performing Arts, Sport and Leisure Studies and Wool and Animal

By Ronnie McInnes
DARWIN — Space Transportation Systems Ltd (STS), a Queensland-based company, is proposing to construct a commercial satellite launch facility at Gunn Point, 40 km north-east of here. The facility would be a wholly commercial

'The bells will toll for all humanity'
Reprinted here is the text of the speech given on November 16 by Cuban President Fidel Castro, at the World Food Summit, held in Rome at the headquarters of the United Nations Food and Agricultural

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Christmas Classifieds
Apology: The illustration of the Panasonic Cordless Phone (Model KX-T4026AL) on page 16 of the Optus World Christmas catalogue currently being distributed shows the incorrect handset for the advertised model. The correct

By Dick Nichols
MANILA — What stance should the working people, peasants and poor of the Asia-Pacific region take towards Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the instrument of regional capitalist integration conceived by the Australian Labor

A short story by Craig Cormick
Luke reaches into the large dusty box and pulls out a detached arm. He wrinkles up his nose in distaste and throws it back in again. "This job is the worst!", he says. "The worst job ever!"
Paul, wrapping a small

Comment by Doug Lorimer
In my opinion, Greg Ogle's review of Katherine Gibson and Julie Graham's book The End of Capitalism in GLW #256 concedes far too much to the drivel of these "post-modernists". For example: lHe writes, "many on the left

Hypocritically surprised
Recently I received the following in a letter from an Australian friend, Stephanie Wilkinson:
"A few days go I met the delightful Mrs Lettie Scott. Lettie is the widow of an Aboriginal man, the late Mr Douglas Scott, who

Korean struggles
General strike called
South Korea's two biggest labour organisations, the Federation of Korean Trade Unions and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, have separately called a general strike for mid-December. The calls are


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