Doubts cast on Chaelundi EIS By David Brazil SYDNEY — The Chaelundi court battle is still unresolved, but it has already caused severe embarrassment for the state government. The court has been told that the Greiner-Murray cabinet gave the
Chemicals close school By Jon Lamb PERTH — Dryandra Primary School in the outer suburb of Mirrabooka has been closed indefinitely following widespread sickness caused by chemical solvents used to clean graffiti. More than 600 students and 30
Comment by Willy Bach BRISBANE — On August 17 former Australian soldiers who served their country in Vietnam marched proudly through the streets here — at last expunging the shame and indignity of the past 19 years. Finally the Australian
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — A recent opinion poll indicates that Soviet citizens are not universally impressed by the glimpses they are getting of capitalism — from privately owned firms to stock exchanges and dole queues. Published in the
By Stephen Shalom US and Philippine negotiators have announced a new military bases agreement under which the United States will withdraw from Clark Air Base by September 1992 but retain Subic Naval Base for at least 10 more years. Though
By Susannah Begg and Vannessa Hearman Black Rain Directed by Shohei Imamura Reviewed by Susannah Begg and Vannessa Hearman It was a hot, still day on August 6, 1945, when the A-bomb descended from the sky over Hiroshima. Imamura's masterful
Feminist Book Fortnight SYDNEY — The second Australian Feminist Book Fortnight will be taking place from September 6 to 22 and will present a national program of activities to celebrate women as writers and readers. An important part of the
BRISBANE — Anti-nuclear activists here gathered outside the French consulate on August 23 to demand an end to nuclear testing in the Pacific by Bastille Day (July 14) 1992. The group resolved to return to the consulate every Friday from 8 to 10
By Peter Boyle Robert Hudson, executive director of the Victorian Council of Social Services, is blunt in his assessment of the Hawke government's ninth budget, presented on August 20: Labor has turned its back on the unemployed at a time when
The first issue of At Ease, a new alternative journal for men and women in the Australian military forces, appears this week. It is available from PO Box 167 North Carlton Vic 3054. The publishers aim to produce an eight-page magazine every two
ADELAIDE — Workers occupied part of the Workcare building here during a 600-strong protest in freezing winds and hailstorms on August 23. The building workers, cleaners and corrective service employees were protesting against proposed changes to
SYDNEY — Community groups housing up to 10,000 low income people around the state could be forced to close down because of a Department of Housing bungle. Representatives of 62 Community Tenancy Schemes say that new conditions and actual funding