By Kevin Healy An extra quiet week — just a Stalinist coup in Russia, a capitalist counter-coup in Russia, a compassionate and economically responsible federal budget, great news for Johnny Pain and Jolly Robb on the Tricontinental front until
USSR: a stolen victory Once again, the abortive coup in the USSR demonstrates that undemocratic methods cannot serve the cause of socialism, or indeed the aspirations of ordinary people for a better life under any political system. The failed
By Norm Dixon Only days after the worldwide condemnation of the apartheid regime's collusion with Inkatha, the South African security forces were again found to be actively aiding Inkatha violence, according to a report that appeared in the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — A recent opinion poll indicates that Soviet citizens are not universally impressed by the glimpses they are getting of capitalism — from privately owned firms to stock exchanges and dole queues. Published in the
Interview by Andrew Nette Significant realignments are taking place among the left in the Philippines, long since the centre of the largest and most active popular struggle in the Asia Pacific. Since its establishment in the late '60s, the
By Stephen Shalom US and Philippine negotiators have announced a new military bases agreement under which the United States will withdraw from Clark Air Base by September 1992 but retain Subic Naval Base for at least 10 more years. Though
By Peter Boyle Robert Hudson, executive director of the Victorian Council of Social Services, is blunt in his assessment of the Hawke government's ninth budget, presented on August 20: Labor has turned its back on the unemployed at a time when
By Frank Gollan JAKARTA — A major industrial dispute and trouble with a visiting Dutch parliamentary delegation gave the Indonesian government more than its usual share of problems in the week of the 46th anniversary of independence. The
The first issue of At Ease, a new alternative journal for men and women in the Australian military forces, appears this week. It is available from PO Box 167 North Carlton Vic 3054. The publishers aim to produce an eight-page magazine every two
SYDNEY — Queer Notion, an organisation in the gay and lesbian community here, conducted an "outing" at a press conference opposite St Mary's cathedral on August 21. "Outing only works as a political weapon because there is a stigma attached to a


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