By Bernadette Moloney Vietnam is cautiously removing administrative controls over its economy. BERNADETTE MOLONEY describes impressions of a recent visit. TG682 from Bangkok to Hanoi was full of former refugees from Canada and the US returning
Doubts cast on Chaelundi EIS By David Brazil SYDNEY — The Chaelundi court battle is still unresolved, but it has already caused severe embarrassment for the state government. The court has been told that the Greiner-Murray cabinet gave the
Struggling "We found no problems selling in the $5000-$30,000 price range, but above $50,000 it was a struggle." — Melbourne auctioneer after a recent art auction met a "subdued response" from buyers. Take him! He's yours! "We are nostalgic
Students confront Baldwin summit By Nick Fredman SYDNEY — Angry students broke through police lines and into the Hotel Nikko at Kings Cross in a 500-strong August 23 protest against a "Higher Education Summit" attended by federal education
By Susannah Begg and Vannessa Hearman Black Rain Directed by Shohei Imamura Reviewed by Susannah Begg and Vannessa Hearman It was a hot, still day on August 6, 1945, when the A-bomb descended from the sky over Hiroshima. Imamura's masterful
By Steve Painter New Zealand's NewLabour Party claims the recent budget of the National Party government pushed the country's economy from recession to depression by cutting demand without "putting in place balancing measures to promote
PLO on coup CANBERRA — In an August 23 statement, the PLO representative to Australia and ambassador of Palestine to Vanuatu, Ali Kazak, said that claims that the PLO had expressed support for the attempted military coup in the Soviet Union
ADELAIDE — Workers occupied part of the Workcare building here during a 600-strong protest in freezing winds and hailstorms on August 23. The building workers, cleaners and corrective service employees were protesting against proposed changes to
By Steve Painter The defeat of last week's disastrous attempt by the Stalinist old guard to turn back the clock opens a new political phase in the USSR. In particular, it marks the first big victory for mass political action over the repressive
WA Aborigines oppose mine By Leon Harrison PERTH — Aboriginal people in the Eastern Goldfields area are opposing the proposed Yakabindie Nickel Project, a Dominion Mining operation approved by the state in 1990. Approval for the mine


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