Chemicals close school


Chemicals close school

By Jon Lamb

PERTH — Dryandra Primary School in the outer suburb of Mirrabooka has been closed indefinitely following widespread sickness caused by chemical solvents used to clean graffiti.

More than 600 students and 30 staff members have suffered vomiting, dizziness, headaches, skin disorders and lethargy. A Building Management Authority contractor used Pavecote concrete solvent, leaving traces of hazardous chemicals such as toluene, trimethyl benzene and xylene.

About 150 parents and students participated in an August 12 protest at the school after this was revealed. Dryandra Parents and Citizens spokesperson Joe Fiala said the local community was deeply concerned.

The Education Ministry claims that the school will be safe to reopen shortly even though several areas remain barricaded. Parents, students and staff are waiting to be properly informed of the situation.

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