Classics faces extinction y Zoë Loh MELBOURNE — The Classics Department at the University of Melbourne is threatened with massive cuts. Consultation between the head of Classics, Tony Sagona, and staff has been minimal, and consultation
By Lisa Macdonald The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last week approved new regulations allowing widespread air transport of plutonium and other nuclear materials. The decision massively increases the possibility of extensive nuclear
The anatomy of PC The Myth of Political Correctness: The Conservative Attack on Higher EducationBy John K. WilsonDuke University Press, 1995205 pp., $28.50 (p)Reviewed by Lisa Macdonald John K. Wilson has documented a huge array of right-wing
SYDNEY — Anqelique Kidjo sang to a packed Metro last week. For two solid hours this charismatic African diva had the enthusiastic crowd dancing and singing — even though most of Kidjo's songs are in Fon, her native Beninois language. Fifa, which
Loves the jobless "The freedom to establish trade unions ... has no meaning if there are many unemployed in society." — The Prime Menzies, John Howard, either giving advice to or learning from his Indonesian host, the dictator Suharto.
By Marina Cameron With four successful national days of action having been held already this year, the campaign against education cuts and the massive public sentiment behind it represent significant stumbling blocks for the government. In an
Peter Montague Researchers studying clear lakes in Canada have found that climate warming, acid rain and increased ultraviolet sunlight (from depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer) all interact to allow more ultraviolet light to penetrate
Profits from poverty Since President Clinton signed the bipartisan law abolishing the 60-year-old guarantee of federal aid to poor children, one startling development has been proposals by giant corporations to take over the running of welfare
This weekend hundreds of Green Left supporters will be wining and dining for the future of the progressive press in Australia. Three Green Left Weekly annual dinners will be held on Saturday, September 28, to raise funds to keep the best
Radio rehabilitation "Radio stations could be meaningful forces for rehabilitative change in the hearts, souls, minds and spirits of prisoners. These are perilous times ... and America needs a good deal more than music and commentary on her


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