ASIET picket SYDNEY — ASIET (Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor) held a picket outside the Defence Department in Pitt St on September 19. The protest against Howard's visit to Indonesia coincided with his recent talks with Suharto
By Jeremy Oxley Covering an area the size of western Europe, Tibet consists of a vast plateau at an average altitude exceeding 4000 metres. It is one of the most sensitive and unique environments on Earth. Following the 1950 invasion of Tibet by
By Dave Holmes MELBOURNE —"Life wasn't meant to be easy": in its day, Malcolm Fraser's quip became notorious. Its haughty Tory disdain summed up perfectly the outlook of the capitalist class and the Coalition government towards the needs and
Brazil's foreign debt up According to a report in the Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil paid US$49.53 billion in interest alone to its foreign private and government creditors between 1990 and July 1996. Despite this, the total amount of the foreign debt
By Corinne Glenn PERTH— One of the most political and hotly contested elections in years was held on Curtin University from September 10-12. The Higher Education Action Team (HEAT), initiated by Resistance and involving students from the
Comment by Wendy Robertson SYDNEY — A recent article in the anarchist magazine Angry People titled "Young and angry" attempted to examine youth radicalisation and why young people should become anarchists. In the process, it launched a venomous
Fighting the cuts By Jen Crothers SYDNEY — Fighting the Cuts, a public meeting convened on September 18 by a new alliance of organisations, was attended by 50 people. Speakers from the NSW Teachers Federation, the Ethnic Communities Council,
This is the abridged and edited text of a speech by Marie Allen, chairperson of the Garrukjarru Regional Council, at the Gurindji Freedom Day celebration in Dagaragu on August 23, marking the 30th anniversary of the Wave Hill strike, when 200
Court stymies NSW EPA By Barry Healy SYDNEY — In a surprise decision, the NSW Land and Environment Court has virtually annulled the ability of the states Environment Protection Authority to enforce pollution controls. Under a ruling handed down
Towards US-style education By Marina Cameron If Howard's proposed HECS increases are passed, most Australian students will be facing fees higher than those charged at state universities in the United States. A four-year course in the US costs


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