Voluntary euthanasia, like voluntary abortion, is supported by a majority of Australians. Euthanasia may even be better supported, as a recent Bulletin Morgan poll indicated. In the September 7 poll, 76% of the of the 611 respondents surveyed said a
How about terminations for telephones? How are you today sir? Very fine, yes? Looking for something special? You've come to the right place. Come, let me show you. Never mind the quality, feel the width. And cheap! So cheap! You won't believe me
y Marina Cameron A centerpiece of the federal government's youth unemployment strategy announced in the federal budget is a new labour market program called Green Corps, in which young people carry out environmental conservation and restoration
Legalised sexual assault Strip searchProduced by Simmering Video and Coalition Against Police ViolenceReviewed by Justine Kamprad This video documentary discusses strip search as a form of sexual assault and humiliation. It provides an interesting,
By Lisa Macdonald Independent MP Pauline Hanson's inaugural speech to parliament on September 10 should disgust and anger, but not surprise, us. In less than 2500 words, Hanson painted a vision for Australia that includes: the introduction of 12
Okinawans oppose US bases On September 7, almost 90% of voters in Okinawa voted for a reduction of the US military presence on their island. Okinawan government officials said 482,538 votes supported the reduction and 46,232 voted against. Okinawa
By Norm Dixon The visit of Tibet's exiled ruler Tenzin Gyatso, better known as the 14th Dalai Lama, has focused attention on the Chinese government's continued denial of the Tibetan people's right to national self-determination, the absence of
By Jeremy Oxley Covering an area the size of western Europe, Tibet consists of a vast plateau at an average altitude exceeding 4000 metres. It is one of the most sensitive and unique environments on Earth. Following the 1950 invasion of Tibet by
By Dave Holmes MELBOURNE —"Life wasn't meant to be easy": in its day, Malcolm Fraser's quip became notorious. Its haughty Tory disdain summed up perfectly the outlook of the capitalist class and the Coalition government towards the needs and
Brazil's foreign debt up According to a report in the Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil paid US$49.53 billion in interest alone to its foreign private and government creditors between 1990 and July 1996. Despite this, the total amount of the foreign debt


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