East Timor pledge in NZ The Auckland East Timor Independence Committee has asked candidates in the October parliamentary elections to sign a pledge binding them to support a change in NZ's policy on East Timor so that Wellington recognises the East
Tough luck for most women On August 27, the NSW Young Labor state conference elected its first all-female leadership. The next day the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story on Liz McNamara and Joanna Woods, the new president and secretary respectively.
Thousands of university and high school students took to the streets on August 29 as part of a national day of action called by the National Union of Students. The large turnout of high school students at only two weeks' notice added a new dimension
Heat on APEC energy ministers By Jonathan Strauss SYDNEY — In an international appeal signed by 64 community groups from around Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) urged an Asia Pacific Economic
Approximately 20,000 tonnes of obsolete pesticides are stored in Africa, often in containers that leak toxic waste into the environment, according to a recent UN Food and Agriculture Organisation report. FAO calls on agrochemical companies to share
By Corinne Glenn PERTH — Many students at Curtin University aren't aware that at many other universities student guilds and student representative councils play a part in building rallies against the Liberals' attacks on education as well as
Indonesian struggle for democracy — The Suharto regime has launched a major crackdown against the democracy movement in Indonesia. Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) has launched an emergency campaign to win the release of
By Brian Martin Gun control is typically presented as a measure to reduce the dangers of murder, suicide and accident. But it can also be interpreted as "disarming the people". After all, "gun control" takes weapons out of the hands of ordinary
Waiting for Lefty Here we are together again. It's been a week since we last met. So how's it been? You may be a regular, then again you may not. At least you have the paper within your grasp — now turning the pages to see what catches your
On August 19, it was disclosed that the New Zealand National Party government was planning to proceed with the privatisation of the Forestry Corporation, despite the fact that the government could well be turned out in national elections on October
By John Girdham DARWIN — Only two days after the announced budget funding cuts to ATSIC, an indigenous cultural symposium was held at the Northern Territory University to discuss the immediate and long-term position of the Aboriginal and
By "Michael", "Jonathon" and "Rupert" CANBERRA — The Indonesian ambassador's August 19 reception (commemorating the proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia) was shaping up to be just one more ho-hum event on the diplomatic cocktail circuit —
Defence fund There has been an excellent initial response to the appeal for funds to support the hunted PRD activists and the defence campaign for arrested PRD and other political prisoners. Almost $1500 has been donated, including several hundred
The AlchemistBy Ben JonsonDirected by Neil ArmfieldBelvoir Theatre until September 29Reviewed by Jonathan Strauss Why should an end-of-the-20th-century audience greet with guffaws and hearty applause a 385-year-old black comedy, focused on our
PROFESSOR IAN WEBSTER is the director of the Drug and Alcohol Unit at Liverpool Hospital in the heart of Sydney's west, and president of the Drug and Alcohol Council of Australia. He told Green Left Weekly's JENNIFER THOMPSON that budget cuts
Russian defeat brings hope for peace in Chechnya By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — August 1996 seems destined to be remembered as the point when Russians came to accept that their armed forces had lost the war in Chechnya, and when the regime of


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