By Steve Jolly The recent Dublin West parliamentary by-election has stunned political observers. Militant Labour's Joe Higgins won 23% of the first preference vote and lost by only 370 votes. Australian Militant and Irish Militant Labour are both
By Jenny Forward HOBART — Jim Everett, writer and member of the Palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal community), believes that the federal Coalition government is on a "witch-hunt" against Aborigines. Why isn't the government investigating the
By John Percy New Zealand Alliance leader Jim Anderton outlined a bold plan to rescue the country's remaining unsold pine plantations at the party's national conference, held in Wellington April 6-7. A week prior to the conference, the National
By Pip Hinman Following the horrific killing of 35 people at Port Arthur on April 28, the establishment media have carried ghoulish accounts of the events and the aftermath. Given this and comparisons to the shootings at Dunblane in Scotland last
Budiman Sujatmiko, newly elected chair of the People's Democratic Party of Indonesia was interviewed for Green Left Weekly by Graham Mitchell and Karen Fleming in central Java on April 16. Question: Why is this congress being held? This congress
Palestine in Crisis: The struggle for peace and political independence after OsloBy Graham UsherPluto Press, 1995. 146 pp., $29.95Reviewed by Adam Hanieh Despite the almost universal praise by the establishment media for the Palestinian-Israeli
Wet weather didn't dampen the spirits of those who attended May Day marches around the country on the weekend of May 4-5. The major themes at this year's events included fighting the Coalition's privatisation plans and cutbacks. Alex Bainbridge and
The following letter was sent to US President Bill Clinton on April 7. Mr President, On June 25, 1975, two FBI agents were killed in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, without anyone ever finding out who was responsible for this crime. In a biased and fixed
By Anthony Benbow and Virginia Brown PERTH — The scarlet-coloured leaflet advertised the Fremantle branch of the Australian Labor Party meeting as "Re-visioning Labor". It was to assess the federal election result and discuss where to go to next.
By Anne Pavy PERTH — Two of the six new uranium mines proposed by the federal Coalition government are in Western Australia: at the Kintyre deposit in the Rudall River National Park and at Yeelirrie, near Kalgoorlie. Since the early '80s state
By Nikki Ulasowski Wollongong — More than 200 members of the National Tertiary Education and Industry Union (NTEU) and students from Wollongong University met last week to discuss industrial action and the continuing campaign for a 15% pay rise.
There is endless Light above me That shines for all (who would see) My Light sustains life's brilliance Discounting the darkness of concrete and steel, it gives my soul and spirit resilience. When my mortal vision becomes myopic
By Richard Horsey SLORC, the military junta which rules Burma, is well known as one of the most repressive regimes on the planet. Otherwise staid diplomats have used terms such as "hydra-headed" and "barbaric" to describe SLORC's recent behaviour.
By Richard Horsey The whole of Burma is gearing up for "Visit Myanmar Year 1996". But it is already March, and the preparations are way behind schedule. Even though the official start of the tourism year has been put back to October, authorities
By Norm Dixon The 1.6 million member Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) reinforced its opposition to anti-worker sections of South Africa's draft constitution by bringing the country to a standstill on April 30. The general strike and
By Kevin McLoughlin DUBLIN — "The remarkable performance of the Militant Labour candidate, Mr Joe Higgins, in Dublin West — who came within striking distance of taking the Fianna Fail seat — was not just a vote against water charges: it was a


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