By Norm Dixon "Cubans in Klerksdorp — it sounds like a nightmare sequence from the commie bashing photo-comic, Grensvegter, circa 1979. But the doctors were greeted at the once racially exclusive hospital with no hostility, though much
By Trish Corcoran Alpa Vora, director of the children's rights organisation YUVA (Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action) recently toured Australia with Community Aid Abroad. YUVA is based in Bombay and is "a group that works on issues of
By Alison Dellit MELBOURNE — With the election of a Howard federal government on March 2, most student unions at Victorian universities are left with significantly less funds for 1996. In 1994, the state Liberal government introduced Voluntary
In harmony If a child lives with approval, [s]he learns to live with [her]himself. — Dorothy Law Nolte I am looking at a poster-size collection of drawings and writing that were sent to me by my young friend Amelia Summers. She is now
Peter Wright Woodchipping: what went wrong? In a tragic irony, the biggest environment campaign for many years resulted in the federal government dumping its policy to phase out export woodchipping by 2000, and replacing it with a plan to
We received this letter last week from a subscriber in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Dear Green Left, Firstly, apologies for the delay in renewing my sub. I've enclosed part payment of $22 instead of the minimum sea mail rate of $50. Due to present
Mighty AphroditeDirected by Woody AllenReviewed by Afrodity Giannakis Woody Allen, in Mighty Aphrodite, has apparently given up his exploration of relationships, having found the answer to his previous preoccupations. And the answer lies in the
By Nikki Ulasowski The Howard government has already started its attack on the unemployed. In particular it is targeting the young unemployed with the assistance of the establishment media's beat-ups with headlines about "Dole bludgers ripping
According to some Coalition politicians, and some anonymous union leaders quoted in the media, the "turning point" in the federal election campaign was provided by ACTU secretary Bill Kelty's threat of a "wages break-out" that would follow the
By Adam Hanieh ADELAIDE — More than 7000 education workers packed Victoria Park Racecourse on March 13 in an unprecedented show of anger over the state Liberal government's refusal to grant a wage rise and negotiate workload conditions. The


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