By Jen Crothers The federal government has allocated $2.795 million over three years for an additional 175 undergraduate places at Southern Cross University (SCU) in Queensland. All places are funded under the Commonwealth Industry Places Scheme
By Jennifer Thompson 750,000 Palestinians — 75% of registered voters — in the West Bank and Gaza Strip participated in the election of an 88-seat Palestinian Legislative Council and its president on January 20. The high participation rate — in
The Mardi Gras Film FestivalAcademy Twin Cinema, SydneyFebruary 15-28, 1996Organised by Queer ScreenPreviewed by Philippa Marsden The Mardi Gras Film Festival, organised by community-based arts organisation Queer Screen, is being held again at the
ResistanceDirected by Paul Elliot and Hugh Keays-ByrneAt Chauvel Cinema, Paddington Town Hall, from February 15Reviewed by Trish Corcoran The Australian government has declared a state of emergency. Troops are being deployed to take action against
By James Vassilopoulos CANBERRA — Campaign Against Nuclear Testing has decided to support the Democratic Socialists in the March 2 election. CANT is the group which last year organised actions opposing French nuclear testing and Australian mining
To stop mass murder, we are sending this news with anger. You know the name of Tokyo as the most developed city of the world, but you do not know that the Tokyo metropolitan government plans treason against human beings at a new city centre,
By Dave Riley "It's started, hasn't it? I thought so. There'll be no peace until it's over." "Come on, Mum, "I said, "It's only election time. Over the next few weeks, we get to compare one party's wares with another." "Ummmph!", she said, and went
By Mick White BRISBANE — Aboriginal leaders slammed the reconciliation process at a summit here last week. On Wednesday, January 31, at a rally at King George Square, protest leaders called for a return to the tactics of non-violent confrontation
Call for East Timor day of solidarity Last week Jose Ramos Horta, special representative of the National Council for Maubere Resistance (CNRM) called on all people in Australia to add their support to the campaign to demand a withdrawal of the
By Norm Dixon The African National Congress has ruled out a continuation of power sharing after the 1999 elections. Under constitutional agreements prior to the 1994 elections, minority parties are guaranteed positions in the cabinet of the


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