Radio highlights


You Can Touch Me ... I'm Part of the Union — At a time when union membership is plummeting, one union has decided to take on a group of workers long neglected. Australian sex workers can now join the Victorian branch of the Miscellaneous Workers Union. This program explores working conditions in brothels and discusses possible improvements with sex workers and brothel owners. Like all bosses, brothel owners are reluctant to introduce change but already some have lost unfair dismissal cases. Many workers, however, are sceptical about the union bringing them long-term good. ABC Radio National, Sunday, February 11, 8.30pm. Muff Diva and Drag Queens: A history of gay and lesbian life in NSW — The first of two programs exploring the historical and cultural development of gays and lesbians in NSW, spoken by community members themselves. Tales from the edges of gay and lesbian history; copping flack for being Koori and camp in Brewarrina; coming out as a dyke sex worker; heeding the divine call to be a gay male nun; surviving as a butch in Newcastle in the early '60s; Maori drag queens and cross-dressing women. Sydney 2SER-FM, 107.3, Monday, February 12, 8pm. The Lights of Jericho — The 1994 Prix Italia-winning radio play by Jerusalem-born, now Australian resident, Haya Husseini. A play about Palestinians, about tragedy in the past and continuing struggle today. It draws together the details of everyday life and the epic horrors of war and occupation. ABC Classic FM, Monday, February 12, 9pm. Hugo's Turkish Travel Pack — A comic play for radio by David Foster. With civil unrest on the rise and the dispossessed Kurdish minority being driven from pillar to post, who else but foolhardy Australians would find reason to visit Turkey? Taking the package tour is Cecil, the last ANZAC, drawn to the birthplace of his manhood and Australia's "nationhood". Then there are Garry and Paddy, a gay couple with an urge to experience a genuine Turkish bathhouse. Also along for the trip are Jan and Pru, backpackers touring the world's trouble spots. ABC Classic FM, Tuesday, February 13, 8pm. The Masala Mix — Aakash and Miguel D'Souza bring the latest in popular and dance music from the Indian diaspora — bhangra, qawwali (Pakistani religious music), Hindi, Bollywood (music from India's massive film industry), South Indian house music, "Chutney" (soca and bhangra blends from Guyana) to name just a few. If you think Indian popular music stopped with Ravi Shankar, you are in for a surprise. Indian youth all over the world are blending their own music with local dance rhythms such as ragga, house, hip hop, techno and many others. Sydney 2SER-FM, 107.3, every Monday, 11pm.