Delightful and charming


A Kennedy/Miller production
Reviewed by Mary Westwood
If you go to see this film seeking only story and scenery, you will come away delighted and charmed. But on going further into the production, behind the scenes, you feel you have witnessed a work of art. From the producer and director right through the technicians, voice actors, animal trainers, animators and so on who put it together, each has taken part in a classic. It's a credit to their dedication to cinematography. The accompanying music is also delightful. I feel sure this film will travel far and wide for many years, giving a profound impression to movie goers everywhere and creating a positive attitude to the Australian film industry. One thing I would have like to see when the credits rolled was a dedication to the memory of Byron Kennedy, the young man who, with George Miller, began this company years ago but tragically lost his life in a helicopter crash. Bravo to all involved in this wonderful and intriguing work of art.