Good Times, Hard Times: The Past and the Future in ElizabethBy Mark PeelMelbourne University Press, 1995, 301 pp., $24.95 (pb)Reviewed by Phil Shannon Elizabeth — built in the 1950s on the northern outskirts of Adelaide as the "City of Tomorrow"
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — The administration of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has used heavy-handed repression to crush a strike by public transport workers in the country's two largest cities. Union leaders, strike activists and a
FSLN prepares for Nicaraguan elections FSLN prepares for Nicaraguan elections By Tyrion Perkins [From June 28 to July 21, 13 people from Australia visited Nicaragua on a work-study brigade, meeting community movement and
By Brian Jones SYDNEY — The Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils elections on September 9 offer some interesting insights into the politics of the inner west and reveal some of the problems the ALP is facing at the local level. The area
Nine MonthsDirected by Chris ColumbusReviewed by Sujatha Fernandes As all the promotional hype promises, Nine Months is a movie about "the family". The starring couple, Samuel (Hugh Grant) and Rebecca (Julianne Moore), have a perfect relationship
By Chris Spindler SYDNEY — The continued expansion of Sydney's outer suburbs has led to a discussion about urban sprawl and the resulting inequities and deteriorating quality of life for the lower income residents. Recent studies have shown
The discreet charm of bosses How can I put this without giving offence? There are some in our society who live off the labour of others. Don't get me wrong. Most of us get along without recourse to such means, but there are an
By Centre for Philippine Concerns Australia MELBOURNE — Filipina-Australians in black clothes and skeletal masks, representing Filipinas killed overseas, condemned Philippines President Ramos in a rally at Melbourne University on August 21.
You put me in a straitjacket saying I was waving my arms around too much. You closed in tighter saying I was breathing too loudly. Now I'm not moving — and I'm not breathing. But I can see you all the more clearly. And
Beyond RangoonNational cinema release September 14Reviewed by Richard Horsey Director John Boorman's latest film, Beyond Rangoon, is a powerful drama set in Burma during the 1988 uprising. A young US doctor, Laura Bowman (played by Patricia
A 150-strong delegation of students, farmers and workers visited the Indonesian national parliament on August 23 as part of launching a campaign for the repeal of five repressive political laws. The 1985 laws restrict political parties to the
By Jennifer Thompson The PLO executive council met in Tunis from August 14-16 to discuss the partial redeployment document agreed at Taba by PLO Chairman Yassar Arafat and Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres on August 11. Attended by ten of