By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Angry miners inflicted a notable defeat on the Russian government in mid-August. A mass hunger strike in the coalfields of southern Russia, accompanied by large-scale picketing, forced the Moscow authorities to make
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — The administration of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has used heavy-handed repression to crush a strike by public transport workers in the country's two largest cities. Union leaders, strike activists and a
NTU picket DARWIN — Resistance members led a small picket at the Northern Territory University open day on August 27. The official theme of the day was "Open your mind". Activists titled the day "Open your mind ... but pay the
The discreet charm of bosses How can I put this without giving offence? There are some in our society who live off the labour of others. Don't get me wrong. Most of us get along without recourse to such means, but there are an
Since October 16, 1964, China has exploded 43 nuclear bombs (23 in the atmosphere and 20 underground) at the Lop Nor test site in the far west Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region. A briefing paper produced last week by WA Greens Senator Dee Margetts
By Chris Spindler SYDNEY — The continued expansion of Sydney's outer suburbs has led to a discussion about urban sprawl and the resulting inequities and deteriorating quality of life for the lower income residents. Recent studies have shown
The Big Picture: Populate or PerishABC TV, Wednesday, September 13, 9.30pm (9 Adelaide)Previewed by Lisa Macdonald Since the time of Malthus in the late 1700s, the issue of population growth and its impacts on the economic, environmental and social
By Jennifer Thompson The PLO executive council met in Tunis from August 14-16 to discuss the partial redeployment document agreed at Taba by PLO Chairman Yassar Arafat and Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres on August 11. Attended by ten of
By Pip Hinman Despite well-documented and widespread evidence linking nuclear explosions to health and environmental problems, there is a growing campaign to play down the impact of the underground tests at Moruroa atoll. A series of reports
A 150-strong delegation of students, farmers and workers visited the Indonesian national parliament on August 23 as part of launching a campaign for the repeal of five repressive political laws. The 1985 laws restrict political parties to the
By Lisa Macdonald As the French government prepared to resume nuclear testing at Moruroa atoll, on September 1 and 2 another round of anti-nuclear protest actions involved thousands of people in Australia, Tahiti and France. In France, a message
The Mexican government announced on August 14 that the country's gross domestic product fell by 10.5% in the second quarter of the year in comparison to the same period in 1994. This was about double the 5-6% contraction economists had predicted.
By Tim E. Stewart DARWIN — The right to burn flags as a form of protest has been strongly supported by Northern Territory trade unions. The August 28 meeting of the NT Trades and Labour Council passed the motion: "The Northern Territory Trades
There's always the dole "They wouldn't be working with me if they weren't happy." — Horse trainer Gai Waterhouse, replying to claims by the Australian Workers Union that her strappers and stable hands are paid below award
By Norm Dixon Zimbabwe Prime Minister Robert Mugabe has outraged supporters of human rights and gay and lesbian organisations with his refusal to allow a gay and lesbian group to participate in a book fair in Harare. More than 1000 demonstrators
@FM18 WIDE = Adelaide women's services threatened By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE Another women's service in South Australia is coming under threat. A recently released review of the Women's Information Switchboard (WIS) recommends a complete


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