Rank and file discuss woodchip crisis By Andrew Hall SYDNEY— A lively "jobs and environment" meeting organised by the Rank and File Alliance was attended by more than 50 people on March 4. Gavin Hillier, the NSW secretary of the
Cruising through Essence By Brandon Astor Jones Many readers have written to me asking why I write in Australian publications. The answer is because most Americans, especially editors and publishers, are not interested in hearing what goes
Palestinians oppose talks while settlements continue The Centre for Palestine Research Studies in Nablus conducted its 15th public opinion poll February 2-4, interviewing a total of 1089 Palestinians 18 years or older; 669 interviewees were from
By Rodolfo Casals Fifteen Puerto Rican independence fighters, including six women, are currently enduring extremely harsh conditions of imprisonment in US jails. They are regularly strip-searched and held in solitary confinement with no outside
The war against the British miners, and the smearing of Arthur Scargill, are the subject of an important new book. JOHN PILGER examines the relations between governments, secret police and the media. Shortly before Christmas, Jonathan Dimbleby's
By Pip Hinman Energy Resources of Australia, the operator of the Ranger uranium mine in Kakadu in the Northern Territory, announced on March 9 that it intends to release radioactive water into nearby Magela Creek. ERA has been given permission
Smooth market functioning So "rogue trader" Nick Leeson blew $2 billion punting the wrong way on the Nikkei 225 index. So the Mexican peso has almost halved in value against the US dollar in three months. So last week the once mighty greenback
The campaign against the staging of the 1996 Grand Prix in Melbourne's Albert Park is gathering momentum. A demonstration of 20,000 people against the Kennett government on February 10 was led by the Save Albert Park group. As the construction works
By Eva Cheng At least four groups of political activists braved arrest in the first week of March to make their voices heard in demand for greater democracy in China. They are of diverse background, posing a wide range of daring demands by
Coming out By Dave Riley I admit to it. It was some time ago when I first realised that despite the pressure of my friends and family it was time for me to come to some resolution, if only at first for my own peace of mind. Once I had got
Young people around the world are organising to campaign for social and environmental justice. Over the last five years, a network has begun to develop, opening up the possibility of bringing many of these groups together in collective action. It's
Vengeful goddess Bandit Queen Directed by Shekhar Kapur Starring Seema Biswas and Nirmal Pandey At Sydney's Mandolin Cinema and Melbourne's Kino Cinema Reviewed by Karl Miller This film is based on the prison diaries of Phoolan