Italian computer network raided


Italian computer network raided

On February 28, at 7am, members of the Carabinieri Anti-Crime Special Operations Group raided the homes of a number of people in Rovereto and Trento associated with the local self-managed social centre "Clinamen". Some of those raided are also active in the Italian anarchist movement.

The warrant spoke of "association with intent to subvert the democratic order", a charge which carries a penalty of seven to 15 years' imprisonment. Confiscated in the raids were journals and magazines, leaflets, diaries, notebooks and video tapes, all of which were either publicly available or else for strictly personal use.

Also seized was the personal computer which hosted "BITS Against the Empire", a node in the Cybernet and Fidonet computer networks. Stored on the computer was a vast number of documents concerning the social use of new technologies, Italy's self-managed social centres and independent music production, along with hundreds of electronic reviews publicly available throughout the world computer network.

All those charged have formally applied for the return of the impounded goods, as they await more information concerning the progress of the investigation.