Green Left is not only a newspaper. Its purpose is not simply to report the news that others do not print. Green Left seeks also to change the news. It is with this in mind that Green Left has campaigned against the woodchipping of old-growth
By Tully Bates A ruling by a United States judge has put an end to a 15-year fight against breast implant manufacturers in the United States. The class-action lawsuit has resulted in the biggest product liability settlement in US history. Sixty
Equal pay By Kath Gelber The International Women's Day events last week provided fertile ground for those wishing to look more "woman-friendly". Whether it's because they are facing elections (the ALP and Liberals), or a decline in support
The following statement for International Women's Day was issued by Women in Black in Belgrade. March 8th is the international day of women's action of solidarity against all kinds of discrimination against women. Women's solidarity is a
Queensland bans safe-sex cards By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Queensland AIDS Council is considering a challenge to the state chief censor's ruling on March 8 to ban distribution of sexually explicit swap cards on the grounds of obscenity.
Emotion Papa Wemba Realworld through Larrikin Entertainment Reviewed by Norm Dixon Released to coincide with Papa Wemba's appearances at the Womadelaide festival and other capitals, Emotion will come as bit of a disappointment for those
The war against the British miners, and the smearing of Arthur Scargill, are the subject of an important new book. JOHN PILGER examines the relations between governments, secret police and the media. Shortly before Christmas, Jonathan Dimbleby's
CJC slams Pinkenba Six By Mick White BRISBANE — The Criminal Justice Commission has called for the sacking of a senior police officer over the "Pinkenba Six" incident, in which six police were charged over the abduction of three
By Rodolfo Casals Fifteen Puerto Rican independence fighters, including six women, are currently enduring extremely harsh conditions of imprisonment in US jails. They are regularly strip-searched and held in solitary confinement with no outside
Unions see MIM confrontation By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Unions at strife-torn Mount Isa are predicting a major industrial confrontation following the March 10 appointment of Comalco Ltd's Nick Stump to head giant Queensland mining company
Coming out By Dave Riley I admit to it. It was some time ago when I first realised that despite the pressure of my friends and family it was time for me to come to some resolution, if only at first for my own peace of mind. Once I had got
Jess Hawk Oakenstar features at Sydney CD By Jen Cruthers At Sydney's first Cultural Dissent for 1995, on February 26, several entertaining women performers played to a lively and appreciative audience. The women's performance night
By Eva Cheng At least four groups of political activists braved arrest in the first week of March to make their voices heard in demand for greater democracy in China. They are of diverse background, posing a wide range of daring demands by
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — Unable to defeat the Chechen fighters, Russian generals have launched a new battle. This time the goal is to force the repeal of a law that allows male students to defer their military service. Complaining of a
Italian computer network raided On February 28, at 7am, members of the Carabinieri Anti-Crime Special Operations Group raided the homes of a number of people in Rovereto and Trento associated with the local self-managed social centre "Clinamen".
By Pip Hinman With the March 25 NSW election looming, an important opportunity exists to increase the pressure on both major parties to stop the destruction of our old growth forests. However, given that the woodchipping debate will continue


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