By Liang Guosheng Amid the rumours of a cover-up of Deng Xiaoping's death, larger foreign investors are becoming increasingly frustrated and concerned by the stop-start nature of the "market reforms" which have become a feature of "market
KAREN WALD in Havana gives her impressions of last month's World Cuba Solidarity meeting. Havana has been flooded with people from every continent, practically every country of the globe, for the past two weeks. They overflowed the Karl Marx
Peace action planned A national women's peace action and festival is planned to be held at the Australian Defence Industries Munitions Factory in Benalla, Victoria, during Easter next year, from April 14 to 16, 1995. The action will be an
This is the last issue of Green Left Weekly that will be published in 1994. With this issue, Green Left completes its fourth year of independent, progressive and professional production. This is a feat that we should all be proud of: those of us who
By Max Lane ACTU president Martin Ferguson has publicly confirmed that he intends to continue the Australian union federation's previously covert support for the "yellow" All Indonesia Workers Union (SPSI) — the fake union run by the Suharto
By Stephen Robson During the Cold War, Australia's military expenditure was justified as protection against a Soviet threat, against the "red peril" from the north which would sweep down, toppling country after country until arriving on our
Auschwitz Admonishes em= By Denis Kevans ["Auschwitz admonishes" — Pope John Paul II] "Auschwitz admonishes" Pope John Paul says it's so, "Auschwitz admonishes", The Popentate says so. And Maidanek's a caution, I'm sure
Australian journalist and film maker John Pilger was recently in Sydney on the way back to England from a trip to New Zealand. Zanny Begg from Green Left Weekly spoke with him about the changing face of world politics. John Pilger isn't very
Renewable hero Home Spearhead EMI Music Reviewed by Sujatha Fernandes Michael Franti, hip-hop artist formerly from the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, has released Home with his new band Spearhead. Franti, together with vocalist Mary
Row over banning of magazine By Brendan Greenhill BRISBANE — The Queensland Department of Consumer Affairs has refused distribution of the December issue of the lifestyle magazine Simply Living. The department has banned the magazine


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