A warning for green democracy By Richard Ingram The latest issue of Chain Reaction, published by Friends of the Earth, is a special double issue with a cover story likely to create controversy — but also, one hopes — serious discussion in the
By Debra Wirth Young people have been in the lead of struggles for progressive social change since the 1960s, when they were a major part of the movement against the Vietnam War. Out of that movement grew Resistance, a group for young people
By Tracy Sorenson The journalist and the murderer By Janet Malcolm Bloomsbury. 1991. 163 pp. Paperback $17.95 Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen "Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that
Green Left Weekly Association Annual General Meeting 8 p.m., Wednesday, July 17. 14 Anthony St, Melbourne. All Green Left Weekly shareholders are urged to attend. The agenda will include: l Ratification of draft constitution. l Editor's report.
By Gavin Beltov Where are the unions going? It is difficult to discuss the present direction of the trade union movement as it is not clear the movement is capable of determining any direction at all. The movement is simply responding to the
By Peter Boyle Shortly after John Kerin replaced Paul Keating as treasurer, stock markets and the exchange rate dived sharply because of remarks from Kerin interpreted as possibly foreshadowing a change in economic policy. On June 11, the new
ABC funding There has been a lot of talk about fighting for freedom and the threat posed by a tyrant but the Australian Government is currently engaged in a course of action which not only threatens our freedom but will harm every single person
Population Congratulations on your centre spread on population (GL 29/5). The green and left movements have an unfortunate tradition of trying to ignore the issue as concern about population has been regarded as an excuse by the rich to explain
By Ben Kiernan In 1990 Roger Normand, field work editor of the Harvard Human Rights Journal, obtained the contents of some of Pol Pot's confidential speeches in 1988, recorded in briefing notes taken by Khmer Rouge commanders who later defected.
By Pat Brewer A spokesperson from the growing movement for democracy will be one of the international guest speakers at next month's Socialist Scholars Conference, being held in Melbourne. Indro Cahyono is involved in both the labour movement


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