Fax me a prayer em = By Willy Bach Lord We beseech thee Let Alan Bond Recover from His present troubles So that my BM shares Will steadily rise Above the four cents I paid for them Back in July And Lord We pray that BHP Will be able to

By Steve Painter Figures made available to primary industry and energy minister Simon Crean last week make it clear there can be no economic argument for opening new uranium mines in Australia. Any decision to change ALP policy will simply be

Gareth Evans in South Africa The petty and irrelevant press coverage of Gareth Evans' trip to South Africa has served to conceal the true scandal of his visit: that the Australian government has chosen to lead the charge to have international

By John Tognolini Not long after his June 6 acquittal by the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal of all charges related to the Hilton bombing of 1978, TIM ANDERSON spoke to JOHN TOGNOLINI about the case, conditions in prison and what is still wrong with

By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Public Sector Union representative Vivienne Colmer has warned that there will be a significant fall in the quality of ABC radio and television programs as result of funding cuts, job losses and commercial sponsorship

By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — All train services here stopped on June 13, when Electrical Trade Union members employed by the Victorian government struck for 24 hours to protest against a deal between the Trades Hall Council and the Kirner Labor

Inserted in this issue of Green Left Weekly is the first issue of NETNEWS, a four-page newsletter prepared by Visionary Media in support of Pegasus Networks. Pegasus is a system of electronic communication. Subscribers — there are more than 1000

By Angela Matheson King Lear Sydney Theatre Company Staged by Philip Parsons, Wayne Harrison and John Senczuk Reviewed by Angela Matheson Does the Sydney Theatre Company believe that King Lear was meant to be a comedy? Or did it have some

By Tom Jordan Guilty by Suspicion Written and directed by Irwin Winkler USA 1991The Ear Czechoslovakia 1969 Written by Jan Prochaska and Karel Kachyna Directed by Karel Kachyna Both features of the Sydney film festival Reviewed by Tom

Party or federation? In the recent debate concerning the value or otherwise of the proposed "Green Party," the example of "Green Alliance" in Brisbane has been quoted. I was pleased to see the way several fairly disparate left and progressive groups


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