By Lisa Macdonald SYDNEY — The Democratic Socialist Electoral League (DSEL) has announced that it will be standing at least two candidates in the NSW state elections in March 1995. Karen Fletcher, a well-known feminist and previous
Fire with water By Melinda Jollie Naomi Wolf, the respectable darling of liberal feminism, author of the 1991 best-seller The Beauty Myth and the recent Fire With Fire, will be speaking in Sydney later this month to espouse her "power
By Frank Eckardt As the recession bites, more people are living on the streets. For 10 days I trudged across parts of Tokyo, observing and talking to the people who live on its streets. In the absence of official statistics, I wanted to see the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Hundreds of thousands of workers took part in nationally coordinated demonstrations on October 27, demanding that the government pay wage arrears and combat unemployment. In addition, workplace meetings and
Transport union targets privatisation By Michael Unger ADELAIDE — The Public Transport Union has begun campaigning against the privatisation of Trans Adelaide. On November 2, all bus passengers were handed a leaflet warning that the
Move now! By Brandon Astor Jones "God established a patriarchal society. Period. The husband must be the head of the home in a husband-wife situation. And men are the predominant leaders in history and men are the predominant warriors ...
Better Dead than Red By Michael Barson Plexus, 1992. $15 (pb) Reviewed by Arun Pradhan "A Commie. She was a jerky Red. She owned all the trimmings and she was still a Red. What the hell was she hoping for, a government order to share it
Cape York park purchase 'double-edged' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Wilderness Society has described the Queensland government purchase of the Silver Plains grazing property on Cape York to create a new national park as a double-edged
A cappella for peace SYDNEY — The inspirational talents of three renowned a cappella choirs come together in a benefit concert for the International Volunteers for Peace on Saturday, November 12 at 8pm. Cafe of the Gate of Salvation,
Tories back down on privatising post office By Max Anderson LONDON — The credibility of Britain's limping Conservative government received a further blow on November 2, when it appeared that backbench Tory MPs had forced a complete
MIM blasted in acid raid study By Bill Mason BRISBANE — MIM Holdings emits more than half as much sulphur dioxide as the whole of Japan, according to a report commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature. Sulphur dioxide is the
By Chris Spindler ADELAIDE— A new left faction of the Labor Party, the Progressive Labour Alliance, has formed in South Australia following the walkout of a section from the existing left faction. The walkout includes 14 unions and state
You may be surprised to know that right in the heart of the international centre of capital, New York, thrives a school for Marxism. The New York Marxist School, according to one of its program coordinators, DANNY LUCE, helps ensure that New York
Survivor of Dili massacre seeks refuge By Tom Kelly DARWIN — A survivor of the 1991 Dili massacre arrived here on October 21 and is seeking political asylum. Francisco Joao Nheu flew with his wife and four children from East Timor to Bali
BRISBANE — Hundreds of reports of physical abuse and neglect of children in Queensland were not investigated properly last year because of state government under-funding, the State Public Service Federation said on October 30. The SPSF said
By Jennifer Thompson The ACTU and Australian Workers Union-Federation of Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Employees (AWU-FIMEE) on November 3 agreed with Woodside Petroleum on the introduction of non-union "enterprise flexibility agreements"


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