International Playhouse — The Girl with the Botticelli Face — Part one of a play by W.D. Valgardson. Bob, a troubled, middle-aged English professor, is caught up in the bitter turmoil of marital breakdown. His only refuge is a cafe where his
DAVID WEBER toured Russia for a month in June and took the opportunity to talk to ordinary Russians about the changes that have occurred in their country. Here we present a sampling of the interviews. Anatoli Basmanov, cook Anatoli Basmanov
The Joiner's Arms By Home Rule Reviewed by Peter Hicks Like many others, my first introduction to Home Rule was this bawdy bunch of folks sifting round a pub belting out a rousing version of the Henry Lawson classic, "Sergeant Small". There
Tories back down on privatising post office By Max Anderson LONDON — The credibility of Britain's limping Conservative government received a further blow on November 2, when it appeared that backbench Tory MPs had forced a complete
Cape York park purchase 'double-edged' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Wilderness Society has described the Queensland government purchase of the Silver Plains grazing property on Cape York to create a new national park as a double-edged
By Steve Rogers CANBERRA — Opponents of the ACT branch of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) are attempting to cut their losses following the resignation of one of their supporters from the position of branch assistant secretary. The
Editorial: Money rules In these times of growing antipathy to the major political parties, some emergency measures are being taken by those with an interest in keeping power where it presently resides. After intense lobbying from Labor, the
Mercury danger continues at hospital By Paul Jones BRISBANE — Despite promises from Royal Brisbane Hospital, mercury spillage dangers there continue, staff have told Green Left Weekly. In July the Division of Workplace Heath and
With the novelty of the US troop presence ebbing and with President Aristide holed up in the National Palace, the hard reality and underlying purpose of the second US occupation of Haiti are becoming clear. The Haitian people have begun to see
You may be surprised to know that right in the heart of the international centre of capital, New York, thrives a school for Marxism. The New York Marxist School, according to one of its program coordinators, DANNY LUCE, helps ensure that New York
MIM blasted in acid raid study By Bill Mason BRISBANE — MIM Holdings emits more than half as much sulphur dioxide as the whole of Japan, according to a report commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature. Sulphur dioxide is the
By Arun Pradhan Xanana Gusmao — poet, artist and resistance fighter — has come to symbolise the struggle in East Timor. His battle has been an inspiration to his fellow East Timorese and to the solidarity movement around the world.