By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — In the spring of this year, social democratic ideas started coming back into fashion in Russia. Former Central Committee apparatchiks — people who had played more than a few roles over the years — recalled the
By Jurgen Vandalaar and Mary Merkenich At first glance, one could be forgiven for thinking, that the federal Republic of Germany is heading in the same direction it did in 1933. However that would be an over-simplification. The German
Genes and profits: a deadly mix By Bob Phelps Genetic engineering is an experimental technology with no extensive history of safe use outside contained environments in laboratories and some factories. Despite its usefulness as a research
By Sam Lazzaro SYDNEY — A recent investigation by the NSW Ombudsman into conditions at Mulawa Women's Prison revealed a high level of mismanagement and a lack of accountability. Mulawa has a long history of appalling conditions of confinement,
By Craig Cormick Based on highly reliably international contacts, leaked documents and horoscopes from several TV magazines, Nostradamus' Media Watch presents a highly accurate forecast of political events across the globe. Salman Rushdie
East Timor Week in Darwin By Sally Anne Watson DARWIN — August 15-21 was proclaimed "East Timor Week" by activists who worked hard and in unity to publicise and protest against Suharto's military dictatorship in East Timor and West Papua
Sack the voters "I am disappointed with Parramatta." — Wendy Jones, Liberal candidate in a by-election for the NSW state seat of Parramatta, after suffering a 10% swing against the government. Spoilsport "An intentional reactor accident
By Norm Dixon JOHANNESBURG, August 20 — The national strike by car assembly workers entered its third week with no end in sight. The struggle has become a test of strength as the employers steadfastly refuse to offer more than a 10% increase
Opposition to toxic waste trade plan in South Africa By Chris Albertyn JOHANNESBURG — A recent national summit of South African non-government organisations has condemned the Ministry and Department of Environment Affairs for wanting to
JOHANNESBURG — South Africa has, at last, a democratically elected government. Nelson Mandela has made the three-decade journey from the rock piles of Robben Island to the President's residence in Pretoria. These are significant milestones in the
Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character By Jonathan Shay New York: Atheneum. 1994. 236 pp. Reviewed by Allen Myers The title of this fascinating study is not merely a literary allusion. Dr Jonathan Shay, a
Disabled win building access By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Anti-Discrimination Tribunal on August 24 ordered the Queensland government to provide access for the disabled to Brisbane's new Convention and Exhibition Centre. The tribunal
Sounds of East Timor By Sally Anne Watson DARWIN — During the Portuguese colonisation of East Timor, an isolated indigenous group, the Ilimanu, lived in the north-east of the island. With the Timorese revolution in 1974, Ilimanu joined
Great gay cinema Leaving Lenin (Gadael Lenin) Directed by Endaf Emlyn Reviewed by John Frame Shown as part of Brisbane's Third International Film Festival, Leaving Lenin was a welcome contrast to the only other gay-themed feature,
Musician with a message James Brook is a Melbourne-based solo singer guitarist who has been playing his hard-edged brand of political folk for about a year. In that time he has toured the east coast with the folk punk band Mutiny, played
On August 19 the Nepalese government arrested some 3000 political activists including the parliamentary representatives and national leaderships of the major opposition parties and the head of the student's federation and the womens' movement.


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