Help needed Brandon Astor Jones has asked me to pass on the information that the prison authorities in Georgia have just introduced new regulations regarding sending money to prisoners. Anyone wishing to send him money may now send cheques
Pride and courage Commonwealth Games athlete Cathy Freeman won gold and set a new record in the 400 metre sprint in Victoria, Canada last week. Sporting events such as the games usually provide inspiration for sportswomen to keep at it during
Rainforest protest occupies ship By Bill Mason BRISBANE — More than 40 members of the Brisbane Rainforest Action Group occupied a Philippines cargo ship here on August 23 in protest at the import of rainforest timber from Indonesia.
By Nick Rawson There has been a great deal of incorrect and biased information circulating in the media regarding the political situation of Cuba and the United States. According to recent media reports, a mass migration of Cubans towards
Bougainville demands independence Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Pias Wingti announced on August 16 that peace would come to Bougainville only with the unconditional surrender of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA). On the same day, PNG
The politics of belly dancing: a choreopoem Written by Paula Abood Directed by Paula Abood and Jane Packham The Performance Space September 14-25 Wed-Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm, Thurs September 22 women only The National Festival of Australian
Mother-to-child HIV cases increasing in Thailand HIV infection from mother to child is increasing at a dangerous rate, especially among pregnant women in Bangkok according to a study presented at Bangkok's 12th National Epidemiology Seminar on
Women as they really are Jigsaws By Jennifer Rogers Directed by Louise Luccarini New Theatre, Sydney Friday-Sunday until October 1 Reviewed by Betty Downey and Pip Hinman Jigsaws is about five women, belonging to three generations
BRISBANE — Following weeks of controversy on chronic under-funding of the Queensland hospital system, health workers at Princess Alexandra Hospital have warned of industrial action to win increased funds for public health. A meeting of more than
A novel of artistic strength To the death, Amic By John Bryson Viking 1994, 252 pp., $29.95 (hb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon In the Spanish province of Catalonia in 1936, ten-year-old twins Enric and Josep mistake the first rifle shots
By Wendy Robertson Resistance, FRETILIN (Revolutionary Front for the Independence of East Timor) Youth, UDT (Timorese Democratic Union) and AKSI (Indonesia Solidarity Action) have called a National Day of Action on October 15 in preparation for
By Frances Kelly SYDNEY — A Water Board proposal to raise Warragamba Dam in the Southern Blue Mountains could destroy vast tracts of pristine wilderness and encourage urban sprawl downstream. The dam, which stands 100 metres high and
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — In the spring of this year, social democratic ideas started coming back into fashion in Russia. Former Central Committee apparatchiks — people who had played more than a few roles over the years — recalled the
By Jurgen Vandalaar and Mary Merkenich At first glance, one could be forgiven for thinking, that the federal Republic of Germany is heading in the same direction it did in 1933. However that would be an over-simplification. The German
Genes and profits: a deadly mix By Bob Phelps Genetic engineering is an experimental technology with no extensive history of safe use outside contained environments in laboratories and some factories. Despite its usefulness as a research
By Sam Lazzaro SYDNEY — A recent investigation by the NSW Ombudsman into conditions at Mulawa Women's Prison revealed a high level of mismanagement and a lack of accountability. Mulawa has a long history of appalling conditions of confinement,


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