Rainforest protest occupies ship


Rainforest protest occupies ship

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — More than 40 members of the Brisbane Rainforest Action Group occupied a Philippines cargo ship here on August 23 in protest at the import of rainforest timber from Indonesia.

The protesters boarded the vessel Tundhu, berthed at Hamilton wharf, and climbed three masts to display banners opposing logging in South-East Asia.

Five people were arrested after they refused to leave the ship and chained themselves to the vessel.

BRAG spokesperson Matt Corbett said the group wanted to disrupt the unloading of the timber in a bid to increase costs for the importer, which would be passed on to the consumer.

"If we can reduce demand for the product, then hopefully, it will be unnecessary to import it from South-East Asia where rainforests are being decimated", he said.