Drugged injustice By Brandon Astor Jones "Ms Benson was receiving higher than average doses of each of these medications [Robaxin, Nalfon, Tylenol 3 (with Codeine), Valium and Vistaril] ... The combination of medications ... very likely
The Cultural Dissent Alternative Culture Fund is a non-profit cultural organisation which aims to promote alternative culture in all fields of media. Cultural Dissent promotes alternative music through a range of performances it sponsors in
Clinton attacks the victims US President Bill Clinton has just announced draconian welfare "reforms" which are clearly racist and which reinforce reactionary attitudes in the area of social policy. In a polemic against single mothers,
Controversy over withdrawal from play By S. O'Dowd DARWIN — A controversy has erupted here over the withdrawal of two Indonesian women from performing in Salt, Fire, Water, a play which includes material and actors from diverse cultural
East Timorese face trial By Jon Land Five East Timorese independence activists are about to go on trial for peaceful protests they carried out during the visit of foreign journalists to Dili in April. They face up to seven years'
By Steve Rogers CANBERRA — Public Sector Union National Challenge activists contesting national elections gained over one third of the vote in the recently completed ballot count. The incumbent Wendy Caird and Peter Robson team is
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — If Russia's economic crisis has brought any benefit, it has been to small animals. During the past two years there have been more hares in the forests, and more mice in the fields. In Siberian rivers, there are
By Phil Clarke LONDON — Elections for the European parliament, held on June 9 and 12, resulted in erosion of support for mainstream and government parties. However, the main beneficiaries were not the left alternative or Green parties, but
Solas Talitha MacKenzie Riverboat Records Reviewed by Jill Hickson Talitha MacKenzie, born and raised in New York, has been singing all her life. She came across a collection of field recordings of Gaelic songs and was so impressed with
By Sam Wainwright Activists from around Australia will be attending the Campus Activist Forum in Sydney on July 16. The day-long seminar will take up a range of issues, including the experiences of campus campaigners from overseas. Marina
Postmodernism Intellectual games, like the debate about whether Marx is scientific or Post Modernism is radical, would have been more appropriate in past leisured times. To those interested, it might prove that human behaviour is subject to the
By Anthony Brown The myth that Asian women are submissive, sexually willing and economically dependent may be contributing to the high rate of domestic violence in Filipina-Australian relationships. One of the Melbourne lawyers involved in