By Anthony Brown The myth that Asian women are submissive, sexually willing and economically dependent may be contributing to the high rate of domestic violence in Filipina-Australian relationships. One of the Melbourne lawyers involved in
Child-care meeting warns of changes By Sean Moysey WOLLONGONG — On June 16, 80 people met at Wollongong Town Hall to discuss proposed changes to child-care assistance. David Guy, manager of the Illawarra Child Care Services Action
Enjoy "After a dinner of Peking duck, I'll sign anything." — US diplomat Henry Kissinger in Beijing in 1972, "late at night after a banquet of Peking duck and powerful mao tai liquor", according to a long-secret RAND Corporation study of how the
By Julia Perkins On the evening of June 13, a worker at the Bankstown Youth Refuge was murdered. Neena Bisen, a 34-year-old youth worker with experience in India and the United States, was allegedly stabbed to death by two girls, aged 15 and 17,
Lagman freed By Sonny Melencio MANILA — Filemon Lagman, the underground leader of the Manila Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines, was released from detention on bail of 100,000 pesos on the evening of June 17.
By Kath Gelber Legal reform and anti-discrimination measures have been the focus of much debate and activity in the lesbian and gay communities over recent years. Legal recognition of lesbian and gay relationships has been a particular
Brazilian unionists murdered International protests are being called for after the brutal assassination of two Brazilian unionists on June 12. Rosa Hernandes, a leader of the struggles of the agricultural workers of the region, and Jose Luis
'Armed and Dangerous': My Undercover Struggle Against Apartheid By Ronnie Kasrils Heinemann, 1993. 374 pp., $15.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon When Ronnie Kasrils touched down at Johannesburg airport in 1989, he had chalked up 30 years
True Stories: The Real Jurassic Park — This documentary asks, Was Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park fiction, or is it possible? The film by David Dugan involves molecular biologists, palaeontologists and embryologists in answering questions such as,
East Timor activist returns from Manila By Sally-Anne Watson DARWIN — Robert Wesley Smith (pictured), who attended the Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET) in Manila from May 31 to June 4, believes the furore which surrounded it
New trade union for Indonesia? By Max Lane In a statement issued on June 13, the Free Discussion Forum (FBB), a group with extensive links among Jakarta factory workers, called for the formation of a new national trade union. The FBB
Drugged injustice By Brandon Astor Jones "Ms Benson was receiving higher than average doses of each of these medications [Robaxin, Nalfon, Tylenol 3 (with Codeine), Valium and Vistaril] ... The combination of medications ... very likely
L'Ombre du Doute (A Shadow of Doubt) Directed by Aline Issermann Starring Mireille Perrier, Alain Bashung, Sandrine Blancke Opens at the Sydney Academy Twin, June 30 Reviewed by L. Pradhan Issermann says that all of her films deal with
Return of the Buzzcocks By Lynda Hansen BRISBANE — The Buzzcocks, back after an eight-year break, played to 1500 people at the Site on June 13. Their unmistakable fresh and energetic sound chopped through my subconscious with the same
By Steve Rogers CANBERRA — Public Sector Union National Challenge activists contesting national elections gained over one third of the vote in the recently completed ballot count. The incumbent Wendy Caird and Peter Robson team is
Ear to the Ground — Burra: Transitions — Continuing a feature series on South Australian history, this program looks at the former copper mining town of Burra in the state's mid-north. Cornish miners, Chilean muleteers, pigeons in the mine


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