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June 22, 1994


Intellectual games, like the debate about whether Marx is scientific or Post Modernism is radical, would have been more appropriate in past leisured times. To those interested, it might prove that human behaviour is subject to the same chaos theory as that currently debated by speculative quantum physicists. But as human ways of doing things change at an ever increasing speed, there should be a sense of alarm for all of us. Can we keep going like this?

I would suggest that the contributors and readers of GLW look at this question more closely. Plus one other question which is of special interest to those who would like to see the GLW much wider circulated.

The second question is: how do we get the wider society interested in our concern? They should be part of this discussion. Taufiq Ismail's tens of millions of sad-eyed people at the side of the road have something to say if asked. Also A.D. Hope's prophets, who might come in from the desert, unwelcome as they always are, have to be listened to.

However we have to ask the first question of ourselves to begin with. We have to challenge, what David Suzuki called our own sacred truths. Then, when we have something to say, we must say it in a way that people will want to hear.

I think the GLW should have more discussion of a type I could hand my neighbour and say, "This is good stuff mate. Read it". And later the neighbour would come back to me and say, "I like that stuff you gave me to read. Easy to read it is too, makes sense. I never knew we were being fooled till I read it so simply and plain. Where can I get more of it?"

Which brings me to another question. Can anyone, these days, write in a way that my neighbour can understand what is being said?
R.F. Chiffings
Gosnells WA

Jeff Kennett

I recently visited Vic. and penned this verse for Premier Kennett.

Jeff Kennett, I don't want to offend you,
But where did you academically train?
You have an impediment inside your head, old son,
You know what it is, it's your brain!

For those keen on zoomorphology, Mr Kennett bears a decided resemblance to a leopard seal.
Denis Kevans
Wentworth Falls NSW

Leonard Peltier

An article on the ordeal of Leonard Peltier was printed in the paper a while back, and, at the time I was living in Ireland. The Peltier issue was brought to my attention by an American artist who I met on the Aran Islands.

Leonard Peltier has been imprisoned for 17 years of his life, charged with the murder of two FBI agents near a place called Oglala, South Dakota. David Wilson's militia-style organisation, "Guardians of Oglala Nation Squad", (commonly Known as the GOON squad) were hired to principally destroy the strength of the American Indian Movement (AIM), which provided support to people living on the reservation. Then on June 26, 1975, unknown assailants opened fire on the camp.

Dino Butler, Robert Robideaux, and Leonard Peltier (a member of AIM) were charged with murder. Butler and Robideaux were permitted to use the self defence argument in their case; Peltier was denied. It has since been proven that there was suppression of key evidence and government witnesses committed perjury on the stand.

The only chance Leonard Peltier has left is clemency, and that clemency can be encouraged by petitioning. By July 3, I must send copies of my petition to the United States, and I am urging you to contribute your signatures. If you wish to sign, or need more information on this issue, my address is listed below. Otherwise, there shall be petitions around the city of Brisbane, so please look out for them.
Theresa M Ryan
1123 South Pine Rd
Arana Hills Qld 4054

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