The Police Service of Northern Ireland is investigating hate crimes committed at bonfires in unionist (supporters of British rule over Northern Ireland’s six counties) areas on the nights of July 11, An Phoblacht said the next day. Bonfires, which are set alight each July 11 by the members of the unionist community, were strewn with election posters for Irish republican party Sinn Fein and other non-unionist groups, as well as Irish flags and various expressions of sectarianism and bigotry.

By Chris Spindler

ADELAIDE — Some 7000 teachers, teacher assistants, students, parents, fellow unionists and supporters gathered at a rally on May 24 to defend the public education system. Two hundred and thirty, schools were closed for the

Ear to the Ground — The Flinders Ranges: Yura Muda — This new feature radio series on South Australian history and heritage explores how a location becomes a place through the sounds and stories that live in peoples' memories. These programs are

ATO agency bargain accepted

By Chris Slee

Public Sector Union members in the Australian Taxation Office voted in a series of meetings from May 11 to May 25 to accept the proposed agency bargaining agreement.

The agreement gives a 4%

"How can we build a sustainable society?" was the title of a panel at the International Green Left Conference in April. The panel addressed the questions of how best to work towards achieving a sustainable society, of long-term goals and strategies.

Looking out: That look

By Brandon Astor Jones

I saw a fellow prisoner come into the cell block from outside where the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Centre's administrative offices for G-Unit are. He carefully and deliberately walked

"The Australian public are fed up with the machinations of politicians, they are fed up with politicians behaving the way they expect politicians to behave." — Alexander Wooldridge, deposed deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

By Max Lane

MANILA — Following a demonstration of 200 activists from worker, student and urban poor organisations outside the presidential palace on May 28, the Free Lagman Movement was launched. On May 26 agents of Naval Intelligence arrested

More than 1000 people rallied in Melbourne on Sunday, May 8, for the third time in as many weeks to protest against the continuing Serbian war against Bosnia and the hypocrisy and complicity of world leaders. Comprising Bosnians, Croats, Macedonians,

June 5 is World Environment Day. For most newspapers around the country, this is a signal to project a token green face for one day. To set one issue aside to make some noises about the environmental crisis and that we are all, after all, to blame.


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