The Police Service of Northern Ireland is investigating hate crimes committed at bonfires in unionist (supporters of British rule over Northern Ireland’s six counties) areas on the nights of July 11, An Phoblacht said the next day. Bonfires, which are set alight each July 11 by the members of the unionist community, were strewn with election posters for Irish republican party Sinn Fein and other non-unionist groups, as well as Irish flags and various expressions of sectarianism and bigotry.

Comment by Ron Guignard Lisa Macdonald in "The politics of postmodernism" (GLW April 20) claims that Marxism has it all over other philosophies. This is, she says, because it is scientific. For more than half a century I have seen claims like
Too easy Why not run an advert seeking a volunteer Canberra correspondent? The quality of questions at Parliament house is often poor. Any AJA member can go to Parliament House media conferences. It's time Paul and Gareth stopped getting such an
By Michael Heaney Talks between the Irish and British governments, which culminated in the signing of the Downing Street Declaration last December, took a new turn on May 14. The British government announced the receiving of a detailed list
1. Definition of pure science examining a given system using logic and especially mathematics to model a way the system might work so as to be able without fail to predict its future state, given enough knowledge of its present state
ADELAIDE — The Hills Face Network has had a small victory in preventing development in this important area of the Adelaide Hills. The Development Assessment Commission has rejected plans for a $3 million residential subdivision on access and
Eldest Son: Zhou Enlai and the Making of Modern China, 1898-1976 By Han Suyin Jonathon Cape, 1994. 483 pp., $39.95 (hb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon For better or, mostly, worse, the Chinese Revolution has exerted a magical spell over many
By Alison Dellit CANBERRA — The creation of a separate ACT public service is looking even more doubtful after a mass meeting on May 25 decided to carry out an industrial campaign if outstanding demands are not met. The meeting followed an
Survey documents anti-lesbian/gay violence By Kath Gelber Violence against lesbians and gay men is "endemic" according to a report released in Victoria by Gay Men and Lesbians Against Discrimination (GLAD). The report found 70% of lesbians
By Bronwen Beechey and Dave Holmes MELBOURNE — Last December, when the Kennett government announced that the 1996 Australian Formula One Grand Prix would be held in inner-suburban Albert Park, the media did their best to provide an


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