Half the machine? A campaign to achieve parliamentary gender equity in the ALP was launched at a conference of Labor women in Perth last November. Since that time, women ALPers have been campaigning to pass resolutions requiring 40% of Labor
By Norm Dixon JOHANNESBURG — The Reverend Jesse Jackson, whose two presidential campaigns in the 1980s brought together a wide range of oppressed minorities, workers and the disadvantaged into a Rainbow Coalition, is in South Africa to observe
Intimidation and racism By Brandon Astor Jones At 10.10pm on March 31, William Henry Hance was pronounced dead, his scorched corpse still strapped to Georgia's electric chair. Hance was more than a little mentally impaired. Georgia law
Reshaping Australia: Urban problems and policies By Frank Stilwell. Pluto Press. $24.95 (pb) Reviewed by Paul Walker Science fiction has long theorised the never-ending city. Clifford Simak's The City and the Stars and the Ridley Scott cult
Mass arrest of miners More than 300 striking miners at Placer Pacific's Porgera mine site in the Papua New Guinea highlands were arrested after they began an indefinite strike on April 14. The workers were later released because the local police
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Within the administration of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, confusion and arbitrariness are the norm. Kremlin decrees of major significance are liable to be drawn up without the knowledge, let alone consent, of the
By Jack Weston and Anthony Thirlwall ADELAIDE — "This is the deal:, agree to our enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) and Mr Muluihill can have his job back", explained Terry Pethebridge, Transfield industrial relations manager, to a meeting
Earth Day in the Philippines By Rachel Evans and Ray Fulcher MANILA — Earth Day was organised by the Philippines Environmental Action Network (PEAN) around the theme of "Defend and Reclaim the Commons". Other organisations aiding the
By Norm Dixon JOHANNESBURG — The Gay and Lesbian Organisation of the Witwatersrand (GLOW), one of the South Africa's two main gay and lesbian rights groups, endorsed the African National Congress in the elections. GLOW activist Simon
Wingti changes mind on peace "The Papua New Guinea government's statement that it would increase the size of PNG military forces on Bougainville by nine times the current deployment is not realistic; especially given the position stated by the
By Rachel Evans and Ray Fulcher MANILA — "Women in the Philippines suffer discriminatory hiring practices, unequal wages, sexual harassment in the home, factories and streets as well as the double burden of housekeeping" stated Noime
By Bernie Brian DARWIN — Ilana Eldridge, Greens candidate for the seat of Milner in the forthcoming Northern Territory elections, describes herself as an "activist and humanitarian." She also feels she has a good chance of unseating the
Chronology January 1912. ANC founded 1914. Afrikaner National Party formed July 1921. Communist Party of South Africa formed 1943. The word apartheid appears for the first time 1948. National Party elected to whites-only
By Jolyon Campbell MELBOURNE— Members of the Bosnian, Croatian, Albanian, Macedonian and other communities rallied here on Friday April 22 and Sunday the 24th to protest against the continuing atrocities of the Bosnian war and the failure of
Apartheid is dead. In South Africa's first democratic elections, the people have voted overwhelmingly for a process of radical change. The elections register and consolidate the political transformation already won through mass action by
Strike at National Bookstore By Ray Fulcher and Rachel Evans MANILA — Workers at the Philippines' largest book and stationery chain, the National Bookstore (NBS), have been on strike for over a month. Of the 1800 people employed in


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