Goss resists repealing abortion laws

By Susan Price

BRISBANE — In the recent review of the Criminal Code, initiated by attorney general Deane Wells to bring Queensland's laws "into the 21st century", sections which cover abortion were

By Norm Dixon

JOHANNESBURG — Inexperience, lack of preparation and ineptitude on the part of the Independent Electoral Commission contributed to confusion during the first two days of the election. However, the overriding cause of problems was

By Tim E. Stewart

DARWIN — With Northern Territory elections to be held later this year, the campaign against excessive military aircraft noise has become a hot issue for local politicians.

Recent meetings of the Aircraft Noise Abatement

Graham Matthews

May Day 1994

The tradition of marking May Day as an international day of workers' struggle began in Australia as early as 1856 in the effort to win the eight-hour workday. Australian unionists were the first to win the

Youth wages create poverty, not jobs

By Nathan Brady
and Nikki Ulasowski

Currently, 20% of young full-time workers earn incomes below the poverty line, and most of the rest populate the lowest quarter of income recipients. The

By Andrew B. Rens

CAIRNS — "This is a great victory for the Aboriginal and green movements. Together we've set a new precedent for conserving natural and cultural heritage", said Michael Winer of the Wilderness Society, describing the state

Isn't prevention better than cure?

By Natascha Heuer

PERTH — During the first term of the school year, the Family Planning Association of Western Australia held a Promoting Adolescent Sexual Health (PASH) course, about sexuality and other

Newcastle SRC elections

By Shane Bentley

NEWCASTLE — The progressive "Activate" ticket breathed some life into elections for the Newcastle University Students Representative Council, held April 18-21.

Activate won four out of five

Just Desserts

By Jane White

PERTH — The nicely named "Just Desserts", held here on April 22, was Western Australian Campaign Against Racial Exploitation's final push for the South African Election fund.

Hosted by Sheila Suttner, we

Green Left Weekly contacted a range of parliamentarians to canvass their views on abortion law repeal. While members of the Australian Democrats, WA Greens and ALP expressed individual support for a woman's right to choose, none have said they are


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