Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy & Women’s Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan
By Michael Knapp, Anja Flack & Ercan Ayboga (translated by Janet Biehl)
Pluto, 2016
285 pp., $38.95

Rojava, which is Kurdish for the “west”, is to be found in Northern Syria. In the middle of a conflict zone, marked by the war against the Assad regime, a Turkish invasion and ongoing conflict with the brutal jihadists of ISIS and al-Nusra, the Kurds and their allies are creating a new kind of democratic system.

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — During August, industrial output in Russia declined at an annual rate of 34%, the sharpest drop since the grim days of the Nazi blitzkrieg. In September the situation grew still worse: according to seasonally

By Catherine Brown
and Frank Noakes

SAN FRANCISCO — Gays in the US overwhelmingly supported Bill Clinton in last November's presidential election, largely because of his promise to end the official ban on homosexuals in the military.


ADELAIDE — Around 200 women rallied on Sunday, November 14, to demand the repeal of all abortion laws. Barbara Baird, Lyndall Ryan and Margie Ripper spoke about the past, and present restricted access to abortion, and Melanie Sjoberg from the

SA legislation targets youth

ADELAIDE — "The Labor Party has failed: another 7800 on the dole queue in October alone. How many more thousands of people haven't even registered for the dole?" Andrew Hall, Democratic Socialist candidate for

Appeal for delegates to African conference

The Melbourne-based Union for Democracy and Development in Kenya (UDD Kenya) is calling for donations to help fund two delegates from their organisation in Australia to attend a pan-African conference

By Michael Rafferty

LONDON — Winter in Britain this year looks like being a bitter and stormy one, with news that the November 30 budget is to target welfare cuts to single parent families and to entrench a harsh new tax on separated fathers.

By David Isenberg

During the 1980s, "Special Operations", along with "Low Intensity Conflict" (LIC), became Washington's favourite buzz words. US policy makers view special forces as the solution to a world where threats to US interests are

Blockade planned against cable-car

By Tony Hastings

KURANDA — Preparation is being made for a campaign of direct action to prevent the construction of a sky-rail cable-way in World Heritage-listed national parks land just north of

Charges against squatters dropped

SYDNEY — Twelve people arrested in July for occupying a disused Department of Housing house in the inner Sydney suburb of Chippendale, despite having been given verbal agreement to do so, had charges against


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