Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy & Women’s Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan
By Michael Knapp, Anja Flack & Ercan Ayboga (translated by Janet Biehl)
Pluto, 2016
285 pp., $38.95

Rojava, which is Kurdish for the “west”, is to be found in Northern Syria. In the middle of a conflict zone, marked by the war against the Assad regime, a Turkish invasion and ongoing conflict with the brutal jihadists of ISIS and al-Nusra, the Kurds and their allies are creating a new kind of democratic system.

Is Cuba a racist country, denying equality to the considerable black portion of its population? Yes, say the New York Times and many books and articles appearing in the United States. But wait. The US is still fighting a cold war against Cuba, and such accusations are surely suspect. We spent 10 days in Cuba earlier this year to learn for ourselves.

Charges against squatters dropped SYDNEY — Twelve people arrested in July for occupying a disused Department of Housing house in the inner Sydney suburb of Chippendale, despite having been given verbal agreement to do so, had charges against
Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory By Deborah Lipstadt. New York: The Free Press, 1993. 278 pp., $39.95 (hb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon Did the Holocaust — the systematic annihilation of 4-6 million Jews under
By Zanny Begg SYDNEY — "I wrote to the minister for Corrective Services complaining about how visitors to prisons are treated, and I was rung by the superintendent and told not to write any more letters. A week later, my dog was hung from my
Anti-vilification bill passed By Tom Flanagan The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Act has been amended to outlaw vilification on the basis of a person's homosexuality. The private member's bill, introduced by independent MP Clover
Writers Defiled: Security Surveillance of Australian Authors and Intellectuals 1920-1960 By Fiona Capp McPhee Gribble, 1993. 239 pp., $19.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon Intelligence organisations are in the business of "security", which,
MELBOURNE — Community groups and environmentalists are highlighting the threat to Port Phillip and Westernport Bays by the oil industry and the danger to the Altona and Williamstown area from the proposed expansion of the Mobil Altona refinery.
Banks 'ripping off customers' Australian Banks, by increasing their margins — the difference between the cost of funds to banks and how much they lend them for — over the past year, have cost customers an estimated $790 million.
Oz Shorts Two feature length programs screening on alternate nights until mid-DecemberAcademy Twin, Paddington and then in selected cinemas in most capital cities Reviewed by Norm Dixon When I was a just a little tacker, the highlight of the
Hospital workers win a battle By Roberto Jorquera MELBOURNE — After eight days of Industrial bans, management at the Austin Hospital was forced to back down and reach agreement with the Health Services Union (HSUA) on procedures to be
Testimony blocked in child rape case By Dave Wright HOBART — A Supreme Court judge has refused to swear in a 12-year-old boy because he did not believe in God. The boy was called to give evidence against the man accused of raping him.
CIA paid off Haiti coup leaders US officials have admitted that the Central Intelligence Agency paid key leaders of Haiti's military from the 1980s at least until 1991, when the army deposed elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in a bloody
Moves to reform marijuana laws By Frank Noakes Use of marijuana is so widespread in Australia that it represents civil disobedience on a mass scale. So it was only a matter of time before it returned to the political agenda. An
Timber workers This weekend (26-29 November) environmentalists from all over the country will be congregating in East Gippsland as part of the ongoing campaign to stop woodchipping. In the past woodchipping campaigns have been fought as a battle
By Vivienne Porzsolt Ha'fa Baramki, director of continuing education at Bir Zeit University on the West Bank, was in Sydney recently and spoke to Green Left Weekly of her experiences of the Israeli occupation. At the beginning of the


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