By Angela Matheson Australia must redevelop its rail system or face soaring road maintenance costs and inefficient energy use, says the Australian Railways Union. In a report released late last year, the ARU set guidelines for the revamping of

Health service Residents in the area covered by the [Sydney] South Western Area Health Service have had little, if any, say in the provision or delivery of their health care in the past. If they are not happy with the service provided there has

By Jacqui Kavanagh SYDNEY — Aboriginal representatives have condemned the failure of the final report of the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody to recommend the laying of charges against police killers. "The royal commission had

By Adam Novak and Peter Annear PRAGUE — The reality of Czechoslovakia's privatisation program is proving quite different to the rosy picture painted in the early days of the "Velvet Revolution". Nor is the reform process the uncontrolled rush to

Gaps in Qld bias law By Nicholas Ward BRISBANE — The Goss government appears to be hesitating over including sexual preference in its anti-discrimination legislation, announced in March. This is despite submissions from organisations

By Chris Harris HOBART — It seems there is but one rationale for any major new industrial development in Tasmania — jobs. If a new development will, apparently, provide jobs, then the assumption is that it must be good. This is the logic of

The endorsed Green candidates for the May 25 NSW election are activists from a range of backgrounds. Green Left will profile all the Green candidates over the next three issues. Bulli For long-time women's, peace and environment activist and

WA left unionists organise By Catherine Brown PERTH — In recent months, a number of WA unions have disaffiliated from the ALP. Now, a group has emerged called Left Unionists, united around an anti-Accord perspective. Several unions are

By Norm Dixon Western governments are unconcerned about the massive tragedy of the Bangladesh cyclone, judging by the meagre amount of aid they have pledged. Ten days after the calamity began, a paltry $150 million worth of emergency aid had been

By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The bulk chemical storage facility in Coode Island (in Melbourne's dock lands) is a serious menace to residents in nearby suburbs, to workers and to the environment, according to documents obtained by the Hazardous


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