The endorsed Green candidates for the May 25 NSW election are activists from a range of backgrounds. Green Left will profile all the Green candidates over the next three issues. Bulli For long-time women's, peace and environment activist and
By Norm Dixon Western governments are unconcerned about the massive tragedy of the Bangladesh cyclone, judging by the meagre amount of aid they have pledged. Ten days after the calamity began, a paltry $150 million worth of emergency aid had been
Balmain's toxic school By Rose McCann -1>SYDNEY — Some six months after fears were raised that Balmain High School students were being exposed to toxic chemicals, students have been barred from using the harbour shore sporting area.0> The ban

"We have to understand quite clearly why people sought to conquer nature, how frightening they found its seasons, pests, predators and uncertainties. We must sympathise with why human society felt the need for the control that

By Tracy Sorensen "Some cars will always be necessary", says environmentalist Peter Warrington. "We have a country that is so big that we are going to need them. What sort of cars they are and how often they get used is the big question, really."
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The bulk chemical storage facility in Coode Island (in Melbourne's dock lands) is a serious menace to residents in nearby suburbs, to workers and to the environment, according to documents obtained by the Hazardous
Honouring Özal discredits Australian government By Turkish and Kurdish communities [This statement was issued by the Turkish Community Resource Centre, the Union of Australian Turkish Workers and the Kurdish Association of Victoria.] The
By Rosemary Gillespie There is a renewed campaign to tie women down to the home. This operation is designed to bury women under an increasing load of household labour, child-care and other demands imposed on women against their will. The Dove
Aussies are still celebrating the great news that the economy is recovering. Not only did Lord Rupert of Wopping Sin-hairoiled headline on Monday, "Worst over says Little Johnny Buttons 'n' Bows" — which encouraged us all and made us appreciate the
ADELAIDE — The Environmental Youth Alliance's campaign against resources security legislation will include a march and rally with bookstalls, workshops and entertainment during World Environment Day activities on June 1. For information, contact
SYDNEY — A vocal picket by members of the Korean community and Australian supporters was held outside the US Consulate on May 10 to protest against recent war threats from the US and South Korean governments. Dr Kim Jin Yeop, a Korean-born
The Incredible Exploding Man By John Jiggens Samizdat Press, 1991. 132 pp. $12.95 Reviewed by Graham Lamond Sydney, 1978: the Hilton bombing, an act of horrific violence, leaving three men dead. This was no game. Yet in The Incredible Exploding