By Eamonn O'Coileain Irish political prisoners suffer a peculiar form of "British justice" - punishment before conviction. Martina Shanahan, for instance, spent 13 months on remand before she reached trial charged with conspiracy to murder Tom
By Greg Adamson SYDNEY - Public transport, housing, and the lack of city-wide planning are among the issues which the Sydney Greens will be raising in the May 25 state elections. Founding member and journalist Hall Greenland has been nominated as
By Shafeeq Ghabra During the early period of the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, the Palestinian community there was divided. Most were convinced from the outset that the invasion was a disaster. The Palestinian community in Kuwait was the richest of
Not a second time anyway "I will not do anything that will damage the Labor government." — Brian Burke, resigning as ambassador to Ireland. Should have invested in stamps "I would like to re-establish myself economically ... being in
The real cost of oil By Willy Bach It is Thursday night in Brisbane. Late night shopping is on in the suburbs. That means lots of traffic on the roads as people use their cars to dodge from department store to supermarket. I drive, alone for
Army building roads in East Timor According to the Jakarta Post, Indonesia is to construct 120 kilometres of roads in the southern part of East Timor. The government claims the roads "will encourage the development of the economic system of the
By Norm Dixon Representatives of the interim government of the Republic of Bougainville have sharply condemned the Papua New Guinea government's April 13 invasion of northern Bougainville and demanded the immediate withdrawal of the troops. "This
After the Gulf War: For Peace in the Middle East Edited by StJohn Kettle and Stephanie Dowrick Pluto Press, 1991. 134 pp. $9.95 Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen There is always a lag between the television news which hits us in 30-second grabs and
By Maggie Millar The wonderful British actor Glenda Jackson, interviewed on television, was bemoaning the lack of good roles for women in their 40s and 50s. She was appearing in yet another revival of Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
By Mary Merkenich BOCHUM, Germany - Since reunification, there has been an alarming increase in violence from the right, especially in the areas of the old East Germany. Skinheads here represent the extreme right wing, and they have made


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