The distinguished US journalist ALEXANDER COCKBURN will be one of the featured international guests at the second Socialist Scholars Conference, being held in Melbourne July 18-21. This commentary by Cockburn on the Gulf War is abridged from the US
By Debra Wirth SYDNEY — A campaign against sections 45D and E of the Trade Practices Act was launched here by Greenpeace on May 1. BHP Petroleum threatened to use 45D against Greenpeace in March as a result of a protest action near
By Peter Gellert MEXICO CITY - While the government attempts to obtain funding in North America and Europe for AIDS education and prevention campaigns, activist organisations here have denounced the government for using repression against them.
The Owl and the Pussy Cat em = By Phil Shannon The Owl and the Pussy Cat made an Accord in the year 1983 They made many promises and scorned doubting Thomases and signed it most gratefully. The Owl looked up to the dollar above and sang with a
Heavy metal Tippa Gore, wife of US Republican senator and presidential aspirant Albert Gore, describes herself as a progressive-minded woman who likes rock music and has even smoked marijuana (once). But, she says, some of the sentiments expressed
Music I didn't need like this By Stuart Wax Whenever I turn on my rented television, I'm confronted with what seems to be the longest commercial on our airwaves. Set to that old song "He ain't heavy, he's my brother", this ad is there to make us
By Frank Noakes PERTH — Farmers in Western Australia's wheat belt have formed the Rural Action Movement, with a perspective best summed up by Bindi Bindi farmer Stan Lewis: "Let us not be afraid of being militant: let us be afraid of not being
By Gil Lauriciano GURO, MOZAMBIQUE — War and drought are threatening thousands of lives in the central region. Mozambique is considered the poorest country in southern Africa because of the civil war, which has been going on for 15 years, and
Editorial: A great party while it lasted In 1983, centralised wage fixing became holy writ, handed down by messiah Hawke and proselytised everywhere by disciples such as Laurie Carmichael (now Dr Laurie in honour of his services to big business).
Green Labor defection to Democrats Gordon McQuilten, a founder of the Green Labor faction of the Labor Party, has joined the Australian Democrats and will seek preselection for the Victorian state seat of Richmond. McQuilten is the second
By Sally Low PRAGUE - "If you go into the countryside in the West, perhaps you can drink water from the streams, but in our country it is all poisoned." Like so many Czechs and Slovaks, my friend Jana despairs over the environment in her country
By Eamonn O'Coileain Irish political prisoners suffer a peculiar form of "British justice" - punishment before conviction. Martina Shanahan, for instance, spent 13 months on remand before she reached trial charged with conspiracy to murder Tom
By Greg Adamson SYDNEY - Public transport, housing, and the lack of city-wide planning are among the issues which the Sydney Greens will be raising in the May 25 state elections. Founding member and journalist Hall Greenland has been nominated as
By Shafeeq Ghabra During the early period of the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, the Palestinian community there was divided. Most were convinced from the outset that the invasion was a disaster. The Palestinian community in Kuwait was the richest of
Not a second time anyway "I will not do anything that will damage the Labor government." — Brian Burke, resigning as ambassador to Ireland. Should have invested in stamps "I would like to re-establish myself economically ... being in
The real cost of oil By Willy Bach It is Thursday night in Brisbane. Late night shopping is on in the suburbs. That means lots of traffic on the roads as people use their cars to dodge from department store to supermarket. I drive, alone for


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