Vista workers win one round By Dick Nichols SYDNEY — Workers at the small outer-Sydney paper products plant Vista have won a round in their fight for reinstatement and the right to representation by their union, the Printing and Kindred

By Bruce Threlfo The conscience vote for parliamentarians is becoming an important question for the green movement. The Denison Greens, set up in Tasmanian green independent MP Bob Brown's electorate as a prototype green party branch, has adopted

International Union of Students meets By Adam Novak PRAGUE — At an extraordinary congress here in mid-April, the International Union of Students, traditionally closely aligned with Moscow, relaunched itself as a decentralised and democratic

By Kath Gelber HOBART - Women who can afford it go to private hospitals. If you don't have that much money, you can pay to fly to Melbourne. If you're even poorer, you have the choice of going through the public hospital system - which requires

Censorship and discussion Ian Murrell (letters GLW 9 & 10) seems more interested in censoring, rather than discussing, issues. Ian seems to think that any views he does not agree with are not green and therefore not worthy of publication. The

The Russia House Director Fred Schepisi Starring Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer Reviewed by Ian Bolas Predictable is the best word to describe The Russia House, both for its strengths and its weaknesses. There is nothing surprising either

By Jacqui Kavanagh A document based on research by the African National Congress has revealed why the recent Peace Accord between the ANC and the Inkatha Freedom Party has not stopped the violence ravaging black communities in South Africa. In

By Tony Collins and David Brazil Bathurst is a "Tidy Town", even though a very untidy incident is taking place within its famous district court building. Ten kooris find themselves at the mercy of Judge Bill Nash and an all-white jury, accused of

By David RobieAUCKLAND — When French Polynesia's 41-seat Territorial Assembly met on April 5 to decide the South Pacific territory's new president for five years, the choice marked a remarkable political comeback. Gaston Flosse, the

By Kerry Parnell Purple and green have always been a harmonious feminist combination, but the colours look set to run in the 1990s. Will mainstream green organisations continue to block moves to adopt affirmative action policies (policies which


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