Not a second time anyway "I will not do anything that will damage the Labor government." — Brian Burke, resigning as ambassador to Ireland. Should have invested in stamps "I would like to re-establish myself economically ... being in
After the Gulf War: For Peace in the Middle East Edited by StJohn Kettle and Stephanie Dowrick Pluto Press, 1991. 134 pp. $9.95 Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen There is always a lag between the television news which hits us in 30-second grabs and
By Maggie Millar The wonderful British actor Glenda Jackson, interviewed on television, was bemoaning the lack of good roles for women in their 40s and 50s. She was appearing in yet another revival of Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
By Norm Dixon Representatives of the interim government of the Republic of Bougainville have sharply condemned the Papua New Guinea government's April 13 invasion of northern Bougainville and demanded the immediate withdrawal of the troops. "This
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Romanian Simona Jobbagy was one of several women artists who participated in the second exhibition of refugee women's art organised by the Foundation for the Survivors of Torture in Melbourne Town Hall on April 22-26.
Wodonga meatworkers sacked twice By Dick Nichols Workers at the Wodonga Meats abattoir have been on strike since management sacked their 10 union delegates in mid-April. A few days later their jobs were advertised in the local press, proof to
By Mary Merkenich BOCHUM, Germany - Since reunification, there has been an alarming increase in violence from the right, especially in the areas of the old East Germany. Skinheads here represent the extreme right wing, and they have made
By Kevin Healy The Solidarity and Good Luck Comrades Award this week was won by about 10 lengths by the NSW Laboring Party for its campaign theme, "Don't let Nicky Grinner-you-bear-it do to us what Johnny Pain did to Victoria". But those NSW
Social Security speak-out SYDNEY — A statewide phone-in for people who have hassles with the Department of Social Security will take place on Friday and Saturday, May 10 and 11. The event is being organised by the Welfare Rights Centre, which
ACT UP launches national campaign By Damien Bourke and Philip Baker SYDNEY — The Aids Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) here on April 29 launched a six-week national campaign directed against the federal government and health minister Brian
ADELAIDE — Green Left Weekly was officially launched at Adelaide University during the week of April 29-May 3. More than 150 papers were sold during the week, generating a great deal of interest. The university was adorned with posters advertising
By Steve Painter Waterfront unions became the first to settle an Accord Mark VI deal outside the centralised wage fixing system when they agreed to a $12 rise from May 16 and a further 6% rise in three instalments between July 1991 and July 1992.
By Peter Chiltern About $3 million has been allocated to improve security arrangements for Commonwealth Employment Service (CES) staff in preparation for increased harassment of unemployed people when the government's Active Employment Strategy
After the social upheavals of 1989 in Eastern Europe, there has been much speculation in the Western press that Vietnam would follow a similar path. STEPHEN ROBSON, recently returned from a three-week visit to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, describes
Call to cancel African debt Black Americans have called on Western creditors, particularly the US, to cancel Africa's $100 billion debt. A joint statement last month by African heads of state and black American leaders, meeting on the Ivory
By Melanie Sjoberg and Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The May 1 ACTU special unions conference to discuss the Industrial Relations Commission national wage decision fell in unanimously behind ACTU secretary Bill Kelty's proposal to reject the decision


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