Social Security speak-out SYDNEY — A statewide phone-in for people who have hassles with the Department of Social Security will take place on Friday and Saturday, May 10 and 11. The event is being organised by the Welfare Rights Centre, which
By Mary Merkenich BOCHUM, Germany - Since reunification, there has been an alarming increase in violence from the right, especially in the areas of the old East Germany. Skinheads here represent the extreme right wing, and they have made
Green Labor defection to Democrats Gordon McQuilten, a founder of the Green Labor faction of the Labor Party, has joined the Australian Democrats and will seek preselection for the Victorian state seat of Richmond. McQuilten is the second
Censorship and discussion Ian Murrell (letters GLW 9 & 10) seems more interested in censoring, rather than discussing, issues. Ian seems to think that any views he does not agree with are not green and therefore not worthy of publication. The
By Jacqui Kavanagh A document based on research by the African National Congress has revealed why the recent Peace Accord between the ANC and the Inkatha Freedom Party has not stopped the violence ravaging black communities in South Africa. In
By Steve Painter Waterfront unions became the first to settle an Accord Mark VI deal outside the centralised wage fixing system when they agreed to a $12 rise from May 16 and a further 6% rise in three instalments between July 1991 and July 1992.
ACT UP launches national campaign By Damien Bourke and Philip Baker SYDNEY — The Aids Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) here on April 29 launched a six-week national campaign directed against the federal government and health minister Brian
By Greg Adamson SYDNEY - Public transport, housing, and the lack of city-wide planning are among the issues which the Sydney Greens will be raising in the May 25 state elections. Founding member and journalist Hall Greenland has been nominated as
By Tony Collins and David Brazil Bathurst is a "Tidy Town", even though a very untidy incident is taking place within its famous district court building. Ten kooris find themselves at the mercy of Judge Bill Nash and an all-white jury, accused of
By Kerry Parnell Purple and green have always been a harmonious feminist combination, but the colours look set to run in the 1990s. Will mainstream green organisations continue to block moves to adopt affirmative action policies (policies which
Call to cancel African debt Black Americans have called on Western creditors, particularly the US, to cancel Africa's $100 billion debt. A joint statement last month by African heads of state and black American leaders, meeting on the Ivory
By Peter Chiltern About $3 million has been allocated to improve security arrangements for Commonwealth Employment Service (CES) staff in preparation for increased harassment of unemployed people when the government's Active Employment Strategy