Music I didn't need like this


Music I didn't need like this

By Stuart Wax

Whenever I turn on my rented television, I'm confronted with what seems to be the longest commercial on our airwaves. Set to that old song "He ain't heavy, he's my brother", this ad is there to make us feel better about our NSW beloved police.

This 60-second segment shows police breaking up marital disputes, making friends with youths, telling a wife her husband is dead, talking to a homeless person on the street etc. I'm not saying these incidents don't happen, but it's a bit phoney the way it gives the impression that it's filmed on the spot.

Why have they suddenly decided to run these commercials (no doubt at great expense) at this point in time? Could it be that they realise that their image needs a facelift after the Gundy and Brennan shootings?

I really like the old tune they've ripped off to try to put sugar on this bitter pill. I don't want it spoiled by this overdone propaganda video. So I do what any good citizen does when they have a remote control: I push the mute button and sit it out.